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Euromd.com is international medical online-portal where you can find answers to your questions about health and wealth of information relating to any area of medicine. Our resource would be useful to women and men, young parents and the elderly.

EuroMD would be a great resource to:

  • Find information about diseases, how to prevent them, learn about the effectiveness and different kinds of treatment;
  • Get free online consultations from doctors of various specialties;
  • Find well-rounded information about the doctors, leave feedback, participate and view their rankings;
  • Stay on top of health news and keep abreast of developments in medical technology;
  • Socialize on health topics of your interest, leave comments, share experiences, opinions in blogs;
  • Find information about public and private clinics, diagnostic centers and laboratories, beauty salons and fitness clubs;
  • Provide useful information about medical and health tourism in your country and around the world.

One of the distinctive features is that EuroMD portal provides integration and communication between European countries in medical tourism development. This is a convenient service for the general audience, where any user or patient can select the desired medical procedure, destination, general or specialty clinic, and doctors.