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Diastema: Causes And Treatment

This video presentation from www.onlinedentallearning.com demonstrates how to analyze and close diastema present in the maxillary teeth with resin composite. Use of instruments, materials and polishing method is demonstrated in detail.

Diastema is a defect in the position of the teeth, which is characterized by the presence of a gap between the incisors of the upper or lower dentition. The width of such gap may range from one to six millimeters. This defect is common, diastema is especcially common for the upper row. By itself, the defect is not dangerous, but in some cases it can lead to speech disorder, so orthodontists recommend starting treatment as soon as diastema occurs.

Diastema: Causes And Treatment

Causes of diastema

  • Heavily compacted bone septum between the incisors.
  • Frenulum of the upper lip is too low.
  • The loss of one of the front teeth, before the entire dentition was formed.
  • Abnormal position of the anterior teeth.
  • Wrong size or shape of the lateral incisors.
  • Change of milk teeth occurred very late.

Types Of Diastema

Diastema can be false and true one. False diastema is formed on the stage of the replacement of milk teeth with permanent ones and often it often disappears itself with time. True diastema is formed when there was a replacement of the tooth itself and if it does not disappear by itself, a correction by orthodontist is required.

Generally, the treatment of diastema can be performed with the help of orthodontic or complex methods, with the help of surgery and further movement of the teeth using special tools. But before embarking on diastema treatment, the doctor should assesses the situation and consider the following factors:

  • Cutting edge position with respect to the midline (conditional one) .
  • In what condition molars are, what is their shape and slope.
  • The width of the gap between the teeth.

With this information, the orthodontist will choose the right structure for the alignment of the teeth .

If diastema is very wide, the treatment can be carried out with the help of prosthetics, which guarantees protection against relapse and significantly improves the aesthetic appearance of the dentition and correct diction. This treatment is only suitable for adults who do not want to take long-term treatment with orthodontist, but want to improve their appearance.

Doctor's advice

As with any disease, it is easier to prevent defect teeth than to cure one. Therefore it is very important to be screened by a dentist regularly, especially during the replacement of deciduous teeth among children and teenagers.

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