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​What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy can be tough to understand, because the presence of a seizure doesn't necessarily mean you have the disease! Get the facts on epilepsy here.

Epilepsy is a mental illness, which is characterized by the occurrence of seizures. It should be noted that the diagnosis is established only when a person has had at least two seizures, while no other diseases that could cause this symptom.

What Is Epilepsy?

Causes of epilepsy

Epileptic seizures can occur in different ages, even among infants when they suffer from high temperature. But most of all seizures occur among adolescants. To date, the doctors can not identify any particular reason, which provokes the development of epilepsy. However, presumably, one of the factors is heredity.

There are some types of epilepsy, which differ in the frequency and severity of seizures. For example, if an attack occurs only a certain because of a certain part of the brain, it is known as focal or partial attack. If the entire brain is hurt, it is called as a generalized seizure. In most cases, it is impossible to identify the cause, which resulted in the development of the disease, but the most frequent reasons should include:

  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Brain tumor.
  • Strokes.
  • Parasitic and viral diseases .
  • Meningitis.
  • Violation of the structure of the brain .
  • Brain abscess .
  • Genetic factor .

Projections and consequences

If the disease is properly treated, people live a full life with absolutely no restrictions and in most cases the prognosis is favorable. School-age children may face alienation from theis classmates, since such attacks scare them. In addition, it is not recommended to participate in competitions, sports and in all events, where excitement and emotion dominates, for children with epilepsy. Children suffering from epilepsy may be have a manifestation of hyperactivity and it may be difficult for them to learn.

Treatment of epilepsy

  • The main aim of the treatment of epilepsy is the elimination of epileptic seizures, so that people could live a normal life.
  • One of the most common ways to treat epilepsy today is complex therapy with medical drugs .
  • Side effects of this treatment are common enough, so, in each case, the doctor prescribes therapy individually.
  • During the treatment the drugs can change several times, until the doctor selects the most effective ones.
  • In addition to medical treatment, there exists and radical way, which is not yet very popular, that is surgery.
  • During the operation, the damaged part of the brain is removed, thus the cause of the disease is eliminated. These operations require a high professional level and have high cost.

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