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​Who Is Psychopath?

Psychopathy is anomaly of human nature. Personality is considered psychopathic if one has certain traits that distinguish him or her from other normal people since childhood and throughout his or her life. These features prevent such a person form interaction with society and adaptation to the environment without serious consequences for oneself and others. This pathology is innate and, therefore,, it is constant.

Who Is Psychopath?

Psychopaths can not be called sick as people, as their state of mind exists on the border between health and disease. Both psychopaths themselves and society suffer from this disorder. Especially person's close friends are affected by it.

The main groups of psychopathy

There are several groups of psychopathy, which differ in a number of features: schizoids, cycloids, paranoids, asthenics, tantrums, epileptoids.

  1. Schizoids different from normal people by their detachment from reality. Such people are completely cold to the experiences of other people, and concentrate on their inner world. They are distrustful, suspicious, restrained in their emotions, closed in themselves.
  2. Cycloids are depressive, cyclothymic and excitable .
  3. Psychopaths are characterized by constant depressive mood. They do not expect anything good from the future, but they are looking forward to misfortune instead. They have negative mindset. They only see problems and mistakes of the past.
  4. Excitable psychopaths are neved deperessed. They always have a good mood, a lot of initiatives, however they do not follow any of them. They find it difficult to concentrate.It is nice to take to excitable psychopaths. They are witty and welcoming. But when working together or interracting with them in your personal life, it is very difficult to communicate with such people, since they are optional, frivolous, do not finish things they start .
  5. Cyclothymics are people who have periods of depression that alternate with the state of excitement.
  6. A distiguishing feature of paranoid people is the formation of overvalued ideas that actually provide no benefit to them or to others. These ideas are essential for their psyche and completely dominate the behavior of the psychopath. These are unilateral people, as nothing seems interesting to them, but their ideas. Such people are distinguished by high self-esteem and self-interest.
  7. In the nature of astenics there persists irritability, anxiety and fatigue, exhaustion of the nervous system. Such people are distinguished by indecisiveness, apathy, lack of initiative, suspiciousness.
  8. Tantrum people are constantly seeking for the ways to draw attention to theirselves of the people around them. They try to seem more important and significant than it actually is. These people constantly require attention and use any means to achieve their goals. Each of their word, gesture, and act is designed to attract viewers. Such people are scandalous, jealous and envious.
  9. Epileptoids differ from others because of their excessive irritability, which can quickly develop into a rage. Such people are impatient, very persistent, malicious, aggressive, intolerant of other people's opinion, extremely quarrelsome with other people and disobedient.

Psychopaths, as can be concluded, are very different. They find it difficult to live with and adapt to the standard norms . However, with the right choice of profession, they can achieve considerable success.

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