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How To Brush Your Teeth: Dental Tips

Dentists say that the vast majority of adults, in fact more than 65% of them, do not know how to brush their teeth  That this is the main reason in the occurrence of various dental problems. Erosion processes, tooth enamel caries, periodontal disease, plaque and stones, this is not a complete list of pathologies that may occur due to improper manipulations with regular toothbrush.

How To Brush Your Teeth: Dental Tips

Consider 5 most common mistakes during toothbrushing:

1. Excessive pressure on the toothbrush

Some people believe that the harder you press on the brush, the better you can clean the teeth from plaque. This is fundamentally wrong. Too much pressure when brushing your teeth can provoke the opposite results. Toothbrush can damage enamel and gums, which leads to the development of tooth sensitivity and gingival inflammation. If the condition is left untreated for a long time, you can lose even healthy teeth.

2. Wrong angle between the teeth and brush

The habit to keep your toothbrush at a right angle to the teeth will not lead to anything good. Right angle of the brush can cause damage to the the gums while it will be impossible to remove plaque from the teeth completely. The optimum angle of the brush should be 45 degrees. This will help preserve the health of the gums, while cleaning teeth and removing food debris between them in a qualitative way.

3. Too fast toothbruching!

As a rule, many of us try to brush our teeth very quickly assuming that 30 seconds of toothbrushing are enough. But brushing your teeth too quickly is completely unacceptable. As you should not brush your teeth "for show", but rather to remove food debris and bacteria that can trigger the occurrence of caries. To have healthy teeth, brush them twice a day, not less than for three minutes and visit the dentist regularly.

4. Monotone movement

It is obvious that repetitively moving the brush up and down, right and left is not conducive to the health of the enamel. Everyone knows that "water destroys the stone" and a constant repetitive motion can destroy the structure even of the most hard surfaces. With our teeth the same thing happens if they are properly cleaned. Correct movement during toothbrushing is circular one that should be done without strong pressing, and should be conducted from gums to teeth.

5. Improper toothbrush

Few people know that the quality of the brushes depends on the health of the oral cavity. First of all, the toothbrush should not be in use for more than three weeks! Three weeks later, even the most expensive brush goes into the category 'old' one and it should be moved to the trash immediatel. Additionally, the bristles of the toothbrush should be smooth. The combination of short and long hair, gums on the edge of the brush and other devices on the toothbrush are nothing more than a marketing ploy of manufacturing companies who want to sell more expensive brushes, but they have nothing to do with healthy toothbrushing. As the experienced dentists say, "the best toothbrush is a new one with the bristles of medium hardness".

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