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10 Worrisome Diagnosis In Gynecology

Today human health is poorly understood in general. Doctors still do not know the delicate mechanism of the immune system,it is not always clear why the could be abnormal endocrine system and so on. But when it comes to women's health, then the question is why, at first glance, a healthy woman can not get pregnant for years; when gynecologists put 'strange' diagnoses and prescribe at least "strange" treatment that does not help, then there comes a time to look for alternatives for yourself. Always remember that if you have got ot gynecologist on your feet, you are not terminally ill, and there is a hope. If the doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes treatment, but you absolutely do not agree with it inside, then it's time to "turn on the brain" and look for alternatives, explore your body more carefully, because it concerns the most precious that you have - your health.

10 Worrisome Diagnosis In Gynecology

So, the list of gynecological "diseases" and their treatment that should alert every woman is.

Diagnosis №1: Uterine hypoplasia

If you have been diagnosed with hypoplasia of the uterus, thus, menstruation have more or less regular basis and they began, as expected, in adolescence, or even you are already advancing to pregnancy and childbirth, it is an occasion to look for a new gynecologist. This "disease" can be treated for decades, without much result, at the same time, you will spend a lot of money on drugs, get a lot of side effects and so on. Hypoplasia of the uterus is advisable to be treated only when there are clear clinical symptoms .

Diagnosis №2: Cervical erosion

Diagnosis sounds so scary,  expecially if the doctor would be to mention that this is a precancerous condition, urgently proposing a biopsy and urgent surgical and medical treatment. Especially if you have not given birth, go away from this doctor.In the practice of gynecology has been no such thing as "erosion" for a long time and what used to be called erosion should not be treated, especially by using more radical methods.

Diagnosis №3: Genital warts

If you have been diagnosed with genital warts, and you had no idea that you have this, then you have not seen any strange growths on the external genitals. If the doctor suggests these warts to be cauterized with liquid nitrogen immediately or treat ed with a whole set of drugs and serious scares oncology in the future, it's high time to say goodbye to this doctor forever.

Diagnosis №4: HPV infection

As in the case of genital warts, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive medication with the whole bunch of expensive drugs and scares with oncology in the near future, in case of failure of the treatment.

Diagnosis №5: Mycoplasmosis or ureaplasmosis

Let's imagine that after a scheduled scan and standard analysis, the doctor diagnoses you with ureaplasmosis or mycoplasmosis, thus, you do not have any suspicious symptoms, you feel good and do not feel pain or discharge. In addition to all, the gynecologist makes your husband to pass tests and both of you treat a few times without any result and regularly have to take expensive tests for infection diagnosis.

Diagnosis №6: Chronic endometritis

You have never had any abortion or childbirth, no serious acute inflammation of the ovaries. You do not complain of purulent bleeding and pain in the uterus, and you are diagnosed with chronic endometritis and offered a course of antibiotic therapy in combination with hormones.

Diagnosis №7: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

You are a teenager or in your twenties, you are thin and you have long menstrual cycles, you suffer from plenty of stress every day and are underweight, and your gynecologist diagnoses you with polycystic ovary syndrome, and prescribes you hormones? Run away from him, leaving him hormones as a reminder of his or her incompetence. After a year or two, your condition will be fully back to normal without any artificial hormones.

Diagnosis №8: Uterine fibroids

If the diagnosis of fibroids was only approved by ultrasound picture, and you do not feel any discomfort and have nothing to worry at all. And if gynecologist urges you to drink hormones, make uterine artery embolization or even remove the uterus, never agree to go for it.

Diagnosis №9: Ovarian cyst

If you are diagnosed with an ovarian cyst during a routine ultrasound and you do not have any complaints about the pain, the formation is not more than four centimeters, repeated ultrasound was never prescribed, but have already been prepared for hormonal treatment or laparoscopic surgery .

Diagnosis №10: Irregular menstrual cycle

You are planning to become pregnant, but the doctor diagnoses you with an irregular menstrual cycle and makes you take hormonal contraceptives to "adjust" the cycle. So you  may not be able to get pregnant for many more years. Try to get pregnant and, as a rule, after giving birth and breastfeeding, the menstrual cycle returns to normal .

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