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About all existing methods of contraception, their effectiveness and principles of action, as well as lots of useful information to women about pregnancy.

​What is in That Pill Package?
Mix birth control pills come in distinct phases, depending on the amount of hormones changes through the month. Monophasic (one-period) pills…
​Comparing Birth Control Pill Kinds
Are you currently considering a birth control pill, or taking? Almost 12M U.S. females do. And though you may just call it "the pill," there…
​The Pills: Myths and Facts
Will you gain weight? Improbable. The pill has zero calories. No weight is gained by most people . Several girls do gain a couple of pounds,…
False Facts About Pregnancy
Experts straighten out your main worries about being pregnantYou’ve heard lots of fiction about what you should do & don’t do when being…
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