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How To Choose The Right Birth Control Pill?

Birth control users received some great news: Beginning Aug 2012, insurance plans will have to insure several birth control systems and services, says the Department of Health Services.

How To Choose The Right Birth Control Pill?

Now, the pill is chosen by about 30 % of American females using contraception. And for good reason: The pill is among the best techniques of contraception you may select. Used correctly, it's up to 99 % successful and, unlike a few other methods of birth control, its effect is reversible, letting you be pregnant if you want to do so.

But you will find several pills that are distinct to select from. Have you any idea which type is best for you?

Your Choices Of Birth Control Pill

They all use hormones to stop the natural cycle of ovulation of the body, but there are two different types with progestin-only and combination pill.

All joined pills offer the same amount but there are different factors to help determine, jointly with your physician, which brand and kind are the best for you. It's good to review the disadvantages and advantages before making a decision.

Birth Control Pill Monthly Cycle Mix

The combination pill has two hormones, estrogen and progesterone. The combined pill's different brands have distinct proportions of both hormones. Most days followed by 7 days pill-free or 7 placebo pills.

There are several negative and positive aspects to using a combo pill that is monthly.

Pros of a monthly pill:

  • It helps reduce the chance of ovarian, colorectal, and endometrial cancers.
  • It's still successful even if taken once each day; a 12-hour window is not atypical
  • It's up to 99 % successful
  • The time is not exceptionally unpredictable
  • It is readily reversible: After coming off the pill ovulation starts fourteen days

Monthly cycle mix birth control pill :

  • Your risk may perhaps raise
  • It doesn't protect against HIV or STI
  • It might not be appropriate for those who have a history or of endometrial cancer, or breast, liver
  • About 30 percent of girls have unusual, of taking the pill breakthrough bleeding, or if pills are missed
  • It might not be successful if you take antibiotics that are specific or if you vomit

Birth Control Pills Prolonged Cycle

In addition, there are pills that minimize it from once a month annually or remove menstrual bleeding. Such a pill has exactly the same pros and cons as a monthly cycle mix birth control pill

Pro of the cycle birth control pill that is drawn-out:

  • Menstrual bleeding is removed or reduced to 4 times

Disadvantages of the cycle birth control pill that is drawn-out:

  • Increased threat spotting or bleeding
  • May be less easy if you're pregnant to know

The Progestin-Only Pill

As its name suggests, the mini-pill, will not include estrogen. This pill is taken always and the application will not include placebo pills.

Pros of the pill:

  • It's more ineffective in relation to the combined pill
  • Menstrual flow is reduced by it
  • It can shield against pelvic inflammatory disease
  • It can be taken by breastfeeding moms with their milk supply without interruption

Disadvantages of the progestin-only pill:

  • If taken three hours it must be chosen at precisely the same time daily and may not function
  • Its effectiveness can be reduced by some antibiotics

Finding the proper birth control pill may require some trial and error, so you may need until you find a very good birth control rule for you to consult carefully with your physician.

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