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​The Birth Control Pill and Breast Cancer Hazard

Since the early 1960s, birth control pills are becoming the hottest and among the best kinds of birth control used in the U.S. But an a heightened risk of breast cancer and an association between estrogen has resulted in a continuing discussion about the function in growing breast cancer birth control pills may play.

The Birth Control Pill and Breast Cancer Hazard

For most girls, particularly young girls, pros say the danger is much outweighed by the advantages. But here are some frequently asked questions and responses about the controversy.

Does Taking My Risk Increases?

Perhaps. Studies that have analyzed using oral contraceptives have produced inconsistent effects. Some researchers believe this might be a result of how the amount of hormones has changed since they were first examined. Early birth control pills contained substantially higher amounts than low-dose pills.

Scandinavian researchers have noticed an increase in several girls that have been now taking or had lately taken birth control pills. More use of the pill appeared to raise the danger. Similar research found that more or 10 years after women stopped using birth control pills, their breast cancer hazard returned to the exact same degree as if they hadn't ever used birth control pills.

Yet, another reputable study by Women's Contraceptive and Reproductive Experience (Women's CARE) revealed there was no increased risk of breast cancer in former or present users.

Generally, most studies haven't found an overall increased risk as a result of using oral contraceptives.

Does the Danger of Breast Cancer related to Birth Control Pills Alter by Age?

Yes, in accordance with the most recent research. A study of more than 100,000 girls indicates that the increased breast cancer risk is greatest among older girls. The study found the threat was greatest among women aged 45 and over who were using the pill. This group of girls was almost one-and-a-half times as likely to get breast cancer as women who hadn't ever used the pill.

But experts warn that a lot of the girls were using older birth control pills that included higher doses. Today's lower-dose birth control pills are believed to reduce this threat.

Do Birth Control Pills Reduce the Threat of some other Cancers?

Yes. The protective effect of the pill continues to be nicely recorded. Ovarian cancer risk is reduced by as much as 30%-50% among women. New studies reveal that as little as half a year of use can drastically reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, which protective effect increases the more a girl is on the pill.

And a brand new study indicates oral contraceptives may additionally reduce the danger of colorectal cancers. The European study found that girls were about 20% less likely to develop colorectal cancers than girls who hadn't ever used the pills. The decreased danger was great if the pills had been used by the girl lately.

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