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​The Pills: Myths and Facts

Will you gain weight? Improbable. The pill has zero calories. No weight is gained by most people . Several girls do gain a couple of pounds, likely due to fluid retention. But it is inadequate for anyone to see. If you gain over ten pounds, the perpetrator is most likely not the drug but your eating habits or a scenario that is hormonal.

Does the pill bring cancer? A lot of people believe the pill was linked to a variety of cancers. Really, oral hormones are among the only means to reduce your chances of developing uterine and ovarian cancer. The truth is, a girl can reduce her risk by as much as 50 percent!

Is not the pill linked? Tons of studies are done to ascertain whether breast cancer risk increases or decrease. The present consensus among most specialists that are top is that breast cancer development doesn't substantially raise --but it may raise the speed.

What? Cervical cancer is quite uncommon. We do not comprehend why, although oral hormones do appear to somewhat raise your danger. Actually, it might be that girls may be less cautious about consistently using condoms--and unprotected sex results in a greater possibility of getting HPV, which may lead to cervical cancer. But it is also not impossible that the cells alter and cause them to become more prone to HPV diseases and following cancer.

Who should not take the pill? There's one group of people who should not take oral hormones: those with clotting disorders that are infrequent. The pill can raise the risk of blood clots or the brain (a stroke is caused by a clot in the brain).

Overall, oral hormones are not very dangerous. If you are usually quite healthy (aside out of your span issues, that's), that of dying within an automobile accident is not below the risk of perishing from taking an oral hormone. You likely get in a car daily the dangers are modest and because you've quite a ways to go. Oral hormones are not dissimilar. For most girls with span issues that are acute, the huge advantages outweigh the hazards that are smaller.

Not a Permit for Sex

Mother told me in private that she was scared that she would be given the green light by setting daughter. I assured her mom that is false.

"You know, anxiety about pregnancy really is not the important reason women determine not to have sex. The woman do not wait because of anxiety about their standing, peer pressure, the values of family and their friends, or just plain great judgment or wait. Being on the pill likely will not change your mother's choice one way or the other."

In addition, I remind parents that it is an excellent time to revisit the "what you did not learn in sex ed" discussion. Whenever I prescribe oral hormones for women I tell parents it is very significant for their future well-being to wait to have sex-- and more is not worse. In addition, I remind parents the pill does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. (You should see their faces after I open my medical textbooks that are enormous and reveal them real pictures of girls with genital warts, herpes, syphilis, and pus-filled blisters. It makes quite an impression.)

And, needless to say, I remind parents that if they never, ever miss a pill that is single, one in one thousand girls will get pregnant. Needless to say, most teenagers and girls do miss a pill now and then: In that case, 8 percent of girls will get pregnant. You heard me. That is eight. I have delivered several infants who were "pill injuries." I even understand several women physicians who got pregnant this manner. It can undoubtedly occur for you, if it sometimes happens to physicians.

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