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The Main Reason For Infertility Are Bad Habits

Nowadays infertility problem is topical in particular. More and more couples can not have children, and, in thirty percent of cases, this is the fault of both spouses. And only in ten percent of the cases, doctors can accurately diagnose the cause of infertility. Typically, the problem with reproduction occurs for two reasons: because of the various diseases or because of poor lifestyle choices and bad habits.

The Main Reason For Infertility Are Bad Habits

The influence of bad habits on reproductive function

Smoking and alcohol are the negative factors that prevent many couples from having children. This fact has been repeatedly proven by geneticists and gynecologists. Especially dangerous are the consequences of smoking among women. Ovaries of smoking women can not fully perform its functions, which results in the failure of the menstrual cycle, and, as a result, the problems with fertility appear. In addition, even drug therapy in some cases can not correct the problem, since smokers reaction to medications is several times lower than non-smokers one. Even if smoking woman becomes pregnant, the pregnancy and childbirth in her flow is much heavier than that of a women without bad habits.

Alcohol abuse has a significant effect on the reproductive function of men , because alcohol lowers testosterone that is responsible for the quantity and quality of sperm. Women alcohol addiction can cause cessation of ovulation, the development of congenital malformations of the fetus, miscarriage in early pregnancy, premature birth and other pathological disorders.

Effect of caffeine on fertility

Scientifically proven is the fact that excessive consumption of caffeine leads to problems with conception. The main problem is that caffeine destroys the functions of the nervous system, raises blood pressure, leading to disrupted sleep, which, in turn, adversely affects the mobility of spermatozoa. It should be remembered that just refusing to drink or reducing its consumption to one or two cups a day can not solve the problem, since caffeine today is a part of so many soft drinks, cocoa and even chocolate. So before you buy another drink in a bright bottle or a chocolate bar, you should carefully read the composition and ensure there is not much caffeine in it.

Folic acid deficiency

Folic acid is a vitamin which is capable of dissolving in the aquatic environment and enhance the immune system, heart and blood vessels. When a woman's body has deficiency of this substance, there is a problem with conception, there may develop fetal malformation or child bearing does not happen. A sufficient amount of folic acid can be found in green-stuff, sprouted wheat, asparagus, chicken liver, boiled chicken eggs.

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