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Psychological Infertility: Myths and Realities

Psychological infertility is a common problem for modern society. About 30% of infertile couples can not have children, just because of the psychological infertility. For this type of infertility characterized by the absence of pregnancy for a long time at a regular sexual life, thus, the doctors did not find any abnormalities in the couple, and convince them absolutely great. Why is this happening?

Psychological Infertility: Myths and Realities

The causes of infertility psychological

Physical and mental health are closely connected, so when "sick" the soul, the body reacts to it in a special way. There are many different reasons why a woman does not come long-awaited pregnancy, the most common psychological trauma include:

  • A history once the rape, which for many years does not give a woman resting, she's going through those memories and is in constant anxiety.
  • Pregnancies that ended in miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth.
  • Severe childhood, when the child lacked maternal warmth, care and love or frequent family quarrels took place in front of the child.
  • Weathered early divorce or unrequited love, which is accompanied by severe stress and memories do not give relax to live a full life.

All of these reasons are the factor that blocks the consciousness and does not allow the body to become pregnant. The woman is so much going through past failures that can not afford their repetition, so the body resists pregnancy.

Another common cause of infertility is psychological, so-called "conflict of desires." On the one hand a woman really wants a child, she had awakened maternal instinct, but on the other hand, at this time it is actively engaged in a career, it's fine turns effortlessly overcome each step of the career ladder. Both aspects are important to her and there is an internal conflict of priorities. Until then, until she decides what more important to her, a child or a career, pregnancy does not occur.

Among all the causes of infertility psychological, not least the various phobias. All fears are usually arranged around pregnancy and the unborn child, that is, the body perceives a possible pregnancy as a kind of "threat", so strongly opposed to conceive. These fears, above all, include:

  • Fear of being a bad mother.
  • Fear of financial insolvency. Fear does not give the child some wealth.
  • Fear of becoming uninteresting, boring housewife after the baby.
  • Stach associated with pain during childbirth.
  • Fear is not realized in the work.
  • Fear of losing attractiveness and sexuality.

How to deal with the psychological infertility

Psychological infertility should be treated a qualified therapist. But before you contact a specialist, you must try to figure the problem of his. You can use the following methods:

  • Relax, otherwise you can quickly fall into a depression, from which it will be difficult to get out.
  • Calm down and drive away the thought of standing unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant.
  • Prioritize: exactly the right choice, the main thing - work or children . Accept the fact that his career would have to wait until then, until the child grows up.
  • Talk openly with her husband, maybe that conversation will help to establish a relationship of trust, and its support for a loved one to help cope with all the psychological problems.
  • Understand for yourself whether or not you and your spouse is ready to become parents, to take responsibility for the life of the little man.
  • Convince yourself that you will be attractive and after childbirth. Even if the weight is slightly larger than before pregnancy, consider how you will deal with it. Attention to detail as you change your image, makeup, hairstyle, maybe hair color. And remember, motherhood - it is always great, perhaps you'll be attractive and charming, even more than before pregnancy.

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