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Drugs With Non-Proven Effectiveness

Proponents of traditional medicine, which are 95% of the population, use drugs, which are offered by modern pharmacology that is something that can be found in your local pharmacy for the treatment fo various diseases. And in most cases, we believe drug advertising, the doctor who prescribed the drug or the pharmacist who recommended to buy it. Unfortunately, before buying a particular drug, we do not even think about its composition, the reputation of the manufacturer, and whether this drug was subjested to clinical trials that have proved its effectiveness.

Drugs With Non-Proven Effectiveness

So, to help the average consumer, there was created a list of medicines that have not undergone clinical trials on humans, so their effectiveness has not been confirmed yet. By the way, thatks to advertising almost all of these products are very popular. Therefore, it is worth considering whether to apply them for care and treatment of children?

A list of drugs the effectiveness of which has not been confirmed

  1. Anaferon, Arbidol, Viferon, Bioparox, Cyclofan, Polioksidoniy, Ersefuril, Likopid, Imunomaks, Primdofilyus, Isoprinosine, Imudol, Engistol form a list of so-called immunomodulators, but their actual effect on the bodyhas not been proven. Foreign pharmaceutical companies refused to produce them massively after examining the majority of these drugs. Thus, it makes sense to say that the treatment of influenza and SARS using immunomodulators inappropriate. And their price is too high.
  2. Solkoseril, Actovegin, Cere: these drugs have not undergone no clinical trials and the therapeutic effect listed in theor instructions was not proven!
  3. Bifiform, Hilak Forte, Bifidobakterin, Linex, Pimdofilus and other drugs, including probiotics, are not recognized as drugs anywhere in the world. And such diagnosis as "dysbiosis" does not exits in medicine as such.
  4. Validol does not refere to medicine in any way. Action spectrum of Validol is very narrow because it can only freshen one's breath. As a rule, people who experience chest pain and take Validol, but not Nitroglycerin are then sent to the hospital with a diagnosis of "heart attack".
  5. Caviton, Vinpocetine. These drugs are recognixed as diatary supplements having low efficiency. In Japan, for example, they have been removed from sale a long ago due to inefficiency and inexpediency of spending $15^ this is the price of these drugs.
  6. Piracetam, Aminalon, Nootopil, Fezam, Fenibut, Pikamilon, Pantogam, Instenon, Cinnarizine, Mildronat, Mexidol are the drugs that are released to create a placebo effect.
  7. Wobenzym has been touted by the manufacturer as an effective drug that prolongates life expectancy and youth. The strange thing is that the manufacturer has invested in advertising a lot of money and, at the same time, it decided to save on clinical trials. Therefore, the real impact of the drug on the human body can only be guessed.
  8. The amino acid glycine, Enerion, Tenaten, Grippol are the drugs based on St. John's wort. The effectiveness of Polioksidoniy has not been proven.
  9. Erespal. The use of this drug for the treatment acute respiratory disease and SARS has not been proven. Thus, a syrup drug contains honey flavoring and coloring agents, which can cause bronchial spasms. It can absolutely not not be taken by patients having asthma and allergies.
  10. Gedeliks is not reccomended for use among pediatric patients because of unproven efficacy.
  11. Dioxidine is highly toxic and  can not be used for the treatment of children. Adults should use it with caution.
  12. Qudesan and Bioparox are the drugs that have been mainly tested on mice, so their effectiveness is questionable.

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