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Semen Test

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Semen test is the method of investigation of ejaculate that is designed to determine the ability of male sperm to fertilize. Semen analysis provides insight into the qualitative, quantitative and morphological indicators of ejaculate. A set of these indicators allows the doctor to draw conclusions about the possibility of men to have an offspring.

Semen Test

Since semen analysis makes it possible to evaluate the ability of sperm to fertilize the female egg, this analysis is done in the following cases:

  1. Barren marriage. If pregnancy does not occur in the presence of a regular sex life without using contraception within one year, marriage is conditionally considered to be"barren" In such situations, doctors recommend first to test men for the ability to fertilize.
  2. The presence of male infertility occurs due to pathologies such as varicocele, prostatitis, trauma, hormonal disorders, and infectious diseases.
  3. Preparatory stage for artificial insemination.
  4. Advance planning pregnancy. Semen analysis shall be done to ascertain the ability of male fertility.
  5. The desire of man to find out about his own fertility, that is, the possibility of having children.

How to perform semen analysis

Collection of material for analysis is done by masturbation. Ejaculate should be delivered in a sterile container which is hermetically closed. Material must be delivered to the laboratory no later than in one hour  with the need to observe the temperature conditions during transportation. That is, the container should be transported at a temperature close to body temperature, for example, in a thermos or armpit.

Before you donate semen analysis, you need  to abstain from alcohol, overheating and sex at least for four days. Between semen delivery and the reception of antibiotics there should pass at least 15 days.

How to improve semen

In most cases, you may improve the performance of this analysis by eliminating hazardous household and industrial factors, adjust the quality of rest and follow the diet. In addition, it is important for men to exercise regularly, improve muscular state, build abdominal muscles .

Timely treatment of endocrine, urological and venereal diseases plays a significant role in improving the quality of sperm.

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