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​Testosterone: Know the Standard

Testosterone is a steroid hormone androgen. In other words, it is the presence of this hormone in sufficient quantity is responsible for the correctness of the male genital organs, for the development of secondary sexual characteristics and pattern formation of male type. Thanks to testosterone activated libido, stimulate the production of sperm, it also has a significant impact on the functioning of all other systems in the body.

Testosterone:Know the Standard

Produce testosterone in the glands and adrenal cortex. The presence of testosterone is typical not only for men but also for women, but the female body is much less of this hormone. Increasing the level of this hormone is also considered normal in the ovulatory period. For menopause characterized by decreased production of testosterone.

Substantial deviation from normal levels of testosterone in the body of both women and men, suggests the possibility of the development of various diseases.

Diseases With Increased Testosterone:

  • Cushing's syndrome,
  • androgen syndrome in women,
  • testicular neoplasms women,
  • ovarian tumors in women
  • on testosterone affect preparations such as dinazol, flutamide, goserelin, mifepristone, nilutamide, some contraceptives for women, and other drugs.
  • excessive exercise can also stimulate the production of testosterone.

Testosterone Is Reduced With:

  • pathology developing pituitary gonadotropins,
  • while receiving glucocorticoids,
  • chronic prostatitis, hypogonadism,
  • male obesity,
  • reception easily digestible carbohydrates,
  • if a person adheres to a vegetarian
  • diet, alcoholism,
  • starvation,
  • recepting following drugs: buzerin, desametazon, danazol, nandrolone, goserelin , magnesium sulfate, leuprolide, and others.

Testosterone Levels as Indicators

Increased testosterone in boys at puberty - this is normal, whereas low testosterone levels can indicate serious developmental disabilities, such as Down syndrome or renal failure .

To identify the level of testosterone, it is necessary to do outpatient analysis. To test result was correct, it is necessary for the day you refuse delivery of the analysis of physical activity and smoking.

Low testosterone levels in men these days is not uncommon, but this problem is usually easy enough to cope without resorting to medication. The only condition with low testosterone must necessarily exclude the presence of various diseases and disorders. Best ways to increase testosterone - to increase physical activity, regularly take a contrast shower, eat right.

Why Meals Are Important

Proper nutrition - it is one of the main factors affecting the production of testosterone. There are lots of products, regular consumption of which will have a positive effect on testosterone production. Typically, these products contain a large amount of B vitamins, preferably B12 and B6, as well as zinc. Thus, if you want to increase testosterone levels, it is advisable to add to your daily diet wholemeal bread, brown rice, cheese and lean meats, foods rich in fiber and Yogurt. 

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