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​Complete Blood Test: Decoding of Results

Complete blood test still known as clinical. This is the simplest of studies aimed at that give all patients complained to the doctor. Despite the simplicity - this analysis is very important in the diagnosis of inflammatory processes, reduced number of red blood cells, infections and various disorders of the overall functioning of the human body. A blood sample is taken from a vein or of the finger. Such an analysis can be taken in public polyclinics, hospitals and private medical centers, where there is a laboratory for blood sampling.

Complete Blood Test: Decoding of Results

Common blood test is done in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink water and brush your teeth can be. No special training is required. Advised not to take alcohol, carbonated drinks and smoking prior to analysis.

Pregnant woman with severe toxemia before surrendering analysis can drink water acidulated with lemon and (or) eat a little cracker. These measures will reduce the feeling of nausea and did not significantly affect the test result.

Transcription of the General Blood Test

  • erythrocytes (RBC) normally ranging from 4.2 to 5.6. These are red blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues back to the lungs and carbon dioxide. Red blood cells carry hemoglobin and interrelated. The smaller the erythrocytes, the least hemoglobin and vice versa.
  • Hemoglobin (HGB) OK: 11.7 - 17.0 g. \ Dl., Depending on age and gender. Hemoglobin - this iron-containing protein located in the erythrocytes. It is responsible for carrying oxygen to the body's cells. Normal average level of hemoglobin: 27-31pg.
  • Hematocrit normal: men 42% -52%, women - from 36% to 48%.
  • Level of corpuscular volume (MCV): 80-94.
  • Level of location erythrocytes Percentage (RDW): 9% -14.5%.
  • Leukocytes (WBC) rate: 4.50 to 11.0.
  • Neutrophils (NEUT) rate of 40%-75%.
  • Lymphocytes (LYM) rate from 20% to 40%. White blood cells are the main cells of the human immune system.
  • Eosinophils (EOS \ EOSIN) rate from 0% to 6%.
  • Monocytes (MONO) rate from 3% to 7%.
  • Basophils (BASO) rate from 0% to 2%.
  • Platelets (PLT) rate of 150000 - 450 000 per microliter of blood.
  • mean platelet volume (MPV) norm: 7-11 FL.

Letting blood count helps to see the health of the patient. Before heading to the survey warn your doctor about the day of the menstrual cycle (for women), regular intake of any drugs, including birth control pills or dietary supplements. Knowing these points will allow the physician to correctly analyze the results obtained, or, if necessary, move the analysis for another time. 

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