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Hormonal Disorders: Diagnostic Methods

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The hormonal background of women is the main cause of most of diseases and problems with the function of reproduction. Therefore, timely diagnosis and proper treatment are essential for women's health, well-being and joy of motherhood.

Hormonal Disorders: Diagnostic Methods

Causes of Hormonal Imbalance in Women

  • Genetic predisposition - requires a thorough study and long-term comprehensive treatment. Alarming sign, if at the age of 16 teenage girls completely absent menstruation.
  • Infections, viruses that are sexually transmitted, and frequent disease of acute respiratory infections in childhood, which is weakening the immune system.
  • Endocrine disruption: thyroid, pancreas , adrenal glands.
  • Several diseases that lead to hormonal disruptions: bronchial asthma, frequent headaches, uterine fibroids, ovarian breast, atherosclerosis, polycystic ovaries.
  • Surgical interventions in the peritoneal cavity (the area of internal female genitals). Especially dangerous are induced abortions. They cause severe hormonal disruptions that can cause incurable infertility.
  • Nervous breakdowns, stress myocardial entail hormonal disruptions.
  • Certain phases of woman's life: puberty, pregnancy, menopause is often associated with disruption of hormones that require corrective treatment.

Diagnostic Methods

Primary diagnosis of the health woman passes by a doctor - a gynecologist. He asks questions, examines the female sex organs on a special gynecological chair using mirrors takes smear microflora, cytology. If necessary, the colposcopy (examination of the vagina and cervix with a magnifying instrument) is done.

Most common and effective diagnosis is a blood donation on hormones. Which set of hormones must pass - determined by the attending physician individually. The analysis is taken with a sterile needle from the cubital vein. Rent it in the morning on an empty stomach. On the eve of delivery of the analysis is not recommended to drink carbonated drinks, alcohol, smoking. Along with the delivery of hormonal laboratory tests your doctor may prescribe the surrender of general analysis of blood from a finger and (or) veins, and urinalysis to determine the health of the patient as a whole. Analysis of urine collected in the morning in a clean, dry glass jar. Before the procedure is necessary to undercut the vulva.

Many women are embarrassed and afraid to come to the gynecologist. Should know that health - is the key to a happy, fulfilling life. So, no excuses not justify reluctance to visit the doctor. Every self-respecting woman, who are not indifferent to its women's health and the health of her offspring, should visit gynecological checkups every 6 months.

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