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Respiratory diseases: what should be the prevention

To live a full, joyous, healthy life must consciously seek to maintain their health, self-care. Remember that medicine can help relieve symptoms, improve health and cure many diseases, but to make a man completely healthy it can not do. Do not forget that the human body is designed so strong and has such large reserves of vitality, it is always possible to strengthen and improve their health. Most importantly - and a strong desire to apply to this effort.

Respiratory diseases: what should be the prevention

Preventing disease

for disease prevention using special tools for the protection of the respiratory system. One of the important means of protection is the cotton-gauze bandage that covers the mouth and nose when in contact with a person suffering from viral and bacterial infection.

The most simple but effective method for prevention of respiratory diseases is exposure to fresh air. Also, it is important to frequently ventilate your living and working space.

It is necessary to give up smoking and regular drinking. These bad habits particularly negative effect on the respiratory tract. Harmful substances in tobacco and alcohol, lungs hurt when hit, but also adversely affect the mucous membranes. In heavy smokers often diagnosed chronic bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer.

As a successful preventive measures applied special breathing exercises, inhalation of decoction of herbs, use of essential oils.

People who are prone to diseases of the respiratory tract, it is recommended to grow in their home houseplants producing oxygen.

The treatment of respiratory diseases

Respiratory diseases - some of the most frequently encountered in both adults and children alike. If time does not go to the doctor and did not diagnose the disease, it is necessary to treat the effects of a much longer and more difficult.

As treatment applied medications that are prescribed in combination.

Causal therapy practice, that is, one that eliminates the cause of the disease.

Symptomatic therapy aimed at eliminating the main symptoms of the disease.

Treatment maintenance - this assignment functions disturbed during the development of the disease.

Treatments and drugs should appoint a doctor or audiologist pulmonologist after the results of a comprehensive survey. In most cases, appointed by the antibiotics that are effective for the treatment of a specific pathogen.

In addition to medication for the treatment of respiratory diseases using another method: manual therapy, physiotherapy, physical therapy, inhalation, chest massage, reflexology, breathing exercises, and others.

In summary, we can say that the prevention of respiratory diseases is a healthy lifestyle and physical mobility. Another important factor is timely diagnosis and treatment in case of illness. If you feel worse, then you should definitely see a doctor.

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