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​Nervous System Disorders: Autumn Exacerbation

In autumn, along with exacerbation of chronic diseases of various organs and systems, the nervous system suffers a lot. Doctors confidently say that, autumn exacerbation of the nervous system is more common among emotional people.

Nervous System Disorders: Autumn Exacerbation

The main reason for the deterioration of health is caused by rather abrupt transition from sunny days to dark and rainy ones, with frequent jumps in atmospheric pressure, shorter daylight hours and so on. Thus, the instability of the nervous system in the fall can be explained by biological factors.

Who should be afraid?

It has already been proved that autumn exacerbation of diseases of the nervous system has no relation to sex or age. First of all, people with unstable mentality and emotional state suffer from exacerbation.

The main factor that can trigger an exacerbation is a constant stress. For most people, stress can be experienced not even in external circumstances, but rather in interior ones, for example, when a person thinks about the future and does not have confidence and so on.

The instability of the nervous system may also be affected by the circumstances of the past, such as traumas or infectious diseases in childhood. Scientists have found that the nervous system may adversely affect the general anesthesia. Thus, any disorder of the blood supply to the brain may lead to autumn exacerbation of nervous system diseases.

Why does the nervous system responds to the seasons?

It should be noted that the nervous system becomes sensitive because of external environmental factors, such as daylight length, atmospheric pressure and temperature changing. The result of these changes leads to a decline in activity of the hormonal system, which affects nervous system. It is a kind of protest against the reduction in activity, which was natural in the spring and summer .

Autumn exacerbation of nervous system diseases largely depends on the person. As a rule, people with low self-esteem, autumn blues and depression can develop a serious disorder, which can cause the occurrence of fear and even suicidal tendencies that would require professional help.

How to avoid the exacerbation of nervous system diseases in autumn?

In fact, in autumn there can be problems with the nervous system, such as insomnia, depression, apathy, and so on. Therefore, these states must be avoided:

  • It is good to receive sedation, which has beneficial effect on nervous system functioning.
  • At the end of the summer it is necessary to start taking vitamins and trace elements. Particular attention should be given to magnesium, potassium and zinc.
  • Begin to eat right foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, especially in early autumn they are particularly useful for the body.
  • Try to sleep more and go to bed earlier. During the sleeping time, the nervous system and the body is better able to recover more quickly and adapt to the new conditions, such as long nights, short days, cold, atmospheric pressure variations.
  • Start exercising regularly and you will get lots of positive emotions. Try to choose for yourself the kind of sport that brings happiness and pleasure and does not appear as an annoying obligation.
  • Good help from autumn exacerbation is hardening or extreme sports as both of them increase the level of adrenaline in the blood. Scientists have proved that regular but moderate release of adrenaline in the blood helps to cope with depressive states and nervous disorders.

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