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​Alzheimer May Be Caused By The Lack of Pressure-Linked Protein

A difficulty in the pressure response system of the brain may be an essential aspect in the thinking process and memory difficulties experienced by individuals, new study says.

Alzheimer May Be Caused By The Lack of Pressure-Linked Protein

Harvard scientists say that when the system is functioning generally, it can shield the mind from Alzheimer's-associated proteins. But if it doesn't work good enough, significant spaces of the brain start to damage.

Especially, a protein called REST helps shield brain cells in healthy seniors -associated strains, but amounts of it are substantially lower in significant brain areas in individuals.

Why It's Important?

A goal could be offered by the protein for the creation of the new drugs.

This is an incredibly valued study, this is the very first study which is actually beginning to offer a possible pathway to clarify why some individuals are more exposed to Alzheimer's than others.

Additional studies are required to ascertain the effect of brain degeneration or if lower REST amounts are happening or whether focus on this protein could result in successful treatments.

While it is a preliminary finding, it lifts a path that wasn't considered before. And if it provides a handle which to comprehend normal mind aging, that will be also excellent.

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