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Do I Need to Clean Liver?

Liver is a vital organ that supervises the work and health of almost all the other organs in the human body. Healthy liver gives us pure blood cleared of smog, toxins, bacteria, viruses, preservatives, dyes and nitrate. In fact, liver performs in the human body as a filter, so it is important that it is free of all toxic substances.

Do I Need to Clean Liver?

If the liver is not healthy, it prevents it from filtering the blood, resulting in all kinds of toxins and poisons to get into the human body, and this is a serious threat not only for health, but also for life.

How do you know that the liver is not in order?

It is a mistake to think that if the liver does not hurt, then it is in order, because it almost never hurts, only in the most extreme cases. The thing is that the liver has no nerve endings, and, therefore, the maximum sensation that can cause problems with the body is discomfort. It can be felt in the case when enlarged liver begins to "push" to adjacent organs. And yet, it is better not to wait until this happens.

Do I need to clean the liver for prevention?

Cleaning the liver is necessary. The best time for this procedure is from mid-February to March. But before you start cleaning, make sure to pre-clean and intestines. You can do this by using enemas and herbs.

When the bowel is cleared, you can begin cleaning the liver. These herbs will help:

  1. Celandine cleanses and heals the entire body, relieves inflammation and restores existing metabolic processes that are disturbed.
  2. Gathering for liver cleansing №1 that contains mullein (bearish ear), yarrow, sandy immortelle, horsetail, St. John's wort in equal portions, for 1 spoon each.
  3. Milk thistle helps to remove toxins and overcome chemical, alcohol or food poisoning.

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