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What Is The Use Of Adrenaline?

In the minds of most people, the adrenaline is associated with extreme sports. But we should not underestimate the role of this hormone in normal, everyday life. Adrenaline has many useful properties for our body, he is responsible not only for emotionality and impulsivity, but also for protection.

What Is The Use Of Adrenaline?

Why is the adrenaline rush

adrenaline into the blood in large quantities under the influence of various unusual, one might even say extreme factors, which include:

  • Stressful situations in life.
  • Quarrels or aggression from others.
  • Disputes.
  • The different critical situations that require quick decision-making and response.

Thus, any situation that in any way endanger the health or life, accompanied by the release of adrenaline.

Symptoms of adrenaline release

Whenis released into the blood adrenaline, a man of the following symptoms:

  • rapid breathing.
  • The desire to act.
  • accelerated heartbeat.
  • Appears restlessness.
  • Can irritability.
  • Impulsiveness.

It is very important to adrenaline, which goes into the blood has been implemented, that is consumed. If it does not, the person does not commit any physical action begins to manifest irritability and the need to throw out the emotions.

The use of adrenaline

adrenalinehormones that are produced by the human body, bring some benefit. Adrenaline is no exception, as it is able to activate the internal hidden reserves of man in extreme situations. Thus, in case of stress, adrenaline:

  • improves and enhances human reaction.
  • Several times improves muscle tone. This is due to narrowing of the blood vessels as a result of which a redirect blood flow to the muscles, lungs and heart. The person has the strength and endurance.
  • It improves mental ability, as an intensive supply of oxygen to the brain.
  • Extend the airway and oxygen flows better in all organs and tissues.
  • Increases pain threshold, a person becomes several times less sensitive to pain.

Thus, Adrenaline is the hormone that gives people a chance to win activates the reserve forces of the body, giving more power and energy.

Harm of adrenaline

Despite all the positive properties of the hormone, there is a "second side of the coin." For example, an overabundance of adrenalin happens when its implementation may result in a number of pathological disorders in an organism. Provoking an artificial organism to the adrenaline rush when the adrenal glands are working in the intensive mode too often can lead to renal failure, depression, peptic ulcer disease, or heart and blood vessels.

How to control adrenaline

Some people sometimes releases adrenaline into the blood, which do not depend the situation and can not be controlled. This may result in such conditions that experts call "panic attacks". To avoid such a condition, you must learn to listen to your body and timely response to the emergence of symptoms uncontrolled release of adrenaline in the blood. When the first symptoms, you must perform the following steps:

  • Take a horizontal position or sit down.
  • Start to breathe deeply and regularly, in order to stabilize the pulse.
  • At this time, it is necessary to think about pleasant and hold in the minds of the idea that nothing bad or terrible happens.

After some time, (about five minutes), epinephrine dissolved in the blood and cease active effect.

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