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​Diabetes & Oral Wellness: How to Protect The Teeth

Your teeth can be affected by diabetes. Having non-controlled diabetes can make you more likely to get the other issues or gum disease underneath. The great news: Great customs can help to keep the mouth healthy.

Diabetes can allow you to be more likely to get fungal infections and cavities. Other possible issues include:

  • Issue fighting off diseases, including the ones that might cause gum disease
  • Slower curing time after the surgery

Diabetes & Oral Wellness: How to Protect The Teeth

Dry mouth is most common among those who have diabetes. Spit is significant to oral health -- it aids to keep the mouth moist and take away food pieces. Bacteria flourish, tissues may get irritated or inflamed when you do not create enough moisture, and the teeth may be prone to rot.

However, it is possible to shield the teeth and your health. Here's how.

Measures to Take

  • Be sure to brush at least 2x a day while flossing once a day.
  • Use an anti-bacteria rinse 2x a day to help stop bacteria that can cause tartar build-up on teeth and gums.
  • Assess your mouth for signs or inflammation . Let the dentist know when possible if you detect either.
  • Have teeth cleaned each 6 months, as well as every professionally or teeth months. Your doctor may suggest stepping up the program if you often develop tartar or plaque immediately.
  • Be sure the dentist knows if you've got diabetes. Provide names of prescription and OTC drugs you consume.

Your dentist if you get worse may refer you to a periodontist -- a dentist that focuses on gum disease -- if the gum difficulties continue.

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