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Flu Protection Can Be Improved With Age By Saliva

Proteins that fight germs included in seniors' saliva work better, the study found.

Specific proteins in saliva aid to protect seniors from flu, according to a brand new study.

Flu Protection Can Be Improved With Age By Saliva

The results improve knowing of why old individuals are better at fighting off the new breeds of swine and bird influenza than younger individuals, said researcher Zheng Li and co-workers.

Saliva As Your Shield

In addition to starting the procedure for processing foods, saliva also has germ-fighting proteins forming a first line of defense against diseases. It was understood that the age changes the amounts of specific glycoproteins, that are proteins that fight disease of their spit -causing germs.

In the new study, researchers sought to find out about age - people's susceptibility affects to flu.

The researchers examined saliva of 180 males and females and found glycoproteins in the spit of people aged 65 and more were significantly more efficient to flu viruses compared to those in young adults and kids.

The study was released in the Proteome Research Journal.

The scientists said findings indicate that saliva studies can help enhance investigation and comprehension, prevention of certain age-related diseases.

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