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​Allergies To Medications

Allergy to medication and drugs is a specific immune response to remedy. This allergy can occur as a complication in the treatment of any disease or as a professional illness because of prolonged contact with drugs. Often, this type of allergy occurs among pharmacists, health workers. According to statistics, drug allergy among  the urban population is most common for women aged 31 - 40 years.\

Allergies To Medications

Causes of allergies to medicines

Allergies develop to medicines for the following reasons:

  • Heritage.
  • The presence of other types of allergies.
  • Prolonged receiving of medication.
  • Simultaneous incoming or high doses of medication.

Allergic reaction to medications can occur due to an overdose of what is called "pseudoallergic reaction".

Virtually, allergic reactions may be caused by all drugs. In most cases, the cause of allergy are local anesthetics, antibiotics, steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. After appearing once, allergy to drug will occur again after the re-admission of the drug.

Symptoms of drug allergy

The main symptoms are itching, redness and various skin rashes. Allergic reactions to medication develop from a few seconds to up to twelve hours. They can cause severe reactions such as urticaria, bronchial asthma attack, anaphylactic shock, angioedema, allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis. The most severe manifestation of drug allergy is anaphylactic shock, which is caused by a sharp decrease in blood pressure. If you have any symptoms of it, the blood pressure decreases acutely, a person loses consciousness and can die if he or she will not receive immediate assistance.

Treatment and prevention of drug allergy

The first step is to stop the intake of the drug causing the allergy. If you experience symptoms you need to see a doctor urgently or call emergency care. Treatment is given on an outpatient basis or i the hospital, depending on the severity of symptoms. Therapy is aimed at cleansing the body and eliminating the symptoms of the disease.

Prevention is very important In the treatment of drug allergy. To prevent repetitive occurrence of allergic condition it is recommended to:

  • record and remember the name of the medication that caused the allergy;
  • prevent allergies for health workers;
  • consult with your doctor before taking the drug you are unfamiliar with.

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