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​Adolescents and Plastic Surgery

Would you ever believe your face were not for your nose it would be OK? Perhaps you believe your ears are bad, and nothing can conceal them. Maybe you are don't like your breasts. Or perhaps a terrible case of acne has made pits or scars in your face. Perhaps you are among the thousands of teenagers who think about plastic surgery annually, if you are self conscious about a physical feature.

Adolescents and Plastic Surgery

According to the ASPS, more than 219,000 aesthetic procedures are done on patients 18 and younger. A few of the plastic surgeries teenagers pick comprise nose jobs and correction of ears, too big breasts, breasts that are asymmetrical, and scarring due to harms or acne.

Why Plastic Surgery?

Teenagers seek plastic surgery. One reason many mention is that people can be unkind, whether by choice or not. For instance, someone can blurt out to your friend, "Gee, have you seen that child's nose?" -- without considering the pain it can cause. A steady barrage of unkind comments frequently gets teenagers to take action that is surgical.

Plastic surgery is sought by most teenagers to raise self esteem or to enhance their look. Teenagers frequently report their self confidence improves once their perceived shortcomings are corrected.

While these are not dissimilar to those of adults, adolescents frequently need to fit in with others. So it's important for teenagers contemplating plastic surgery they are carrying it out for themselves -- to not satisfy with anyone else's expectations.

A teenager additionally wants psychological maturity and support to get with what many consider a "minor" corrective process. The facts are that any operation involves danger. Teenagers must have the limits and a realistic grip on the dangers.

It is also vital that you select the best surgeon. A certified plastic surgeon can aid to give a realistic image of what to expect (board certified means a typical test has been passed by the physician from the governing board in her or his forte). Some cosmetic operations also can be done by board certified and seasoned surgeons, dermatologists and otolaryngologists.

You always need to request a surgeon about:

  • His/Her training.
  • How many processes he/she has done.
  • How many are done per annum.
  • What are the results.

Do not hesitate to request to talk to former adolescent patients, or to see "before and after" images from previous instances.

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