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​Plastic Surgery: Who and Why Needs It

Plastic surgery can help in correcting the defects or restoration of damaged skin and tissue caused by diseases, disabilities or injuries. Let's look at the details.

Plastic Surgery: Who and Why Needs It

When Plastic Surgery Is Necessary

Plastic surgery may be recommended in cases, such as:

  • cleft lip and palate - a congenital defect affects the upper lip and the velum
  • cleft lip in newborns;
  • birthmarks, including hemangiomas and port wine stains that caused malformations of capillaries, veins and arteries,
  • craniosynostosis - a rare pathology of the skull of a child, when at its deformation incorrectly and prematurely fused skull bones.
  • hypospadias - the opening of the urethra, frequent malformation in boys. External opening of the urethra (the meat) is not open at the top of the glans penis, and biased toward the perineum.

Recommendations For Plastic Later in Life

Plastic surgery can also be used for repair or reconstruction of damaged tissues if you have:

  • cancer - for restoration skin or improve appearance after removal of cancerous tissue in places such as the breast or the face
  • had an injury - to repair damaged tissue caused by fractures that affect the integrity of the skin, or severe injury (eg, from an animal bite),
  • infection - to remove dead tissue,
  • extensive burns - to repair damaged skin and improve its appearance.

Such plastic surgery is used for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trophic ulcers, bedsores and facial paralysis (eg, Bell's palsy - neuritis of the facial nerve).

Incidentally, is proven that the result of reconstructive surgery improves self-esteem of man, especially in cases where defects or damage were clearly visible.

cultivated in the modern world, or perfect it is called ideal beauty. What do we mean by these words? Chiseled chin and right face shape is exactly what is missing so many of us. Here we try to please the fashion to be beautiful and modern.

Necessity or Whim?

Plastic surgery, especially cosmetic, became in great demand, and in some cases even became a necessity. Exterior trim - virtually calling card for most of us.

However, no contraindications, no doubt. They should not be cosmetic manipulation in severe, chronic diseases, skin diseases or severe mental disorders.

This is how it differs from reconstructive surgery because it involves only the restoration of damaged skin tissues or organs, cause extensive damage, such as injuries.

Cosmetic Manipulation

Can plastic surgery delay aging and withstand the test of time? Sometimes - yes. sometimes - not. No definite answer can be no to this question, because too many factors to bet - and genetics, and the type of operation, and the surgeon and qualifications, and your lifestyle after surgery. In any case, what kind of cosmetic manipulation you would not do, suitable for all carefully analyzed all the risks.

If you are fond of non-operating cosmetic procedures, remember that most of them have a short-term effect, and should always be beautiful.

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