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​Stomatitis: Traditional and Nontraditional Treatment

Caudal Stomatitis This is a very painful problem for feline patients. They will generally show anorexia, drooling, gagging, and pain during mastication. Physical exam will typically include a thin pet with unkempt fur. The oral exam will reveal severe stomatitis throughout the mouth. The inflammation will most commonly be worse on cheek teeth than canines and incisors.
Stomatitis is a name of various oral diseases of different origin. Stomatitis may occur as an independent disease or manifestation or complication of other diseases. Children are most susceptible to stomatitis.

Stomatitis: Traditional and Nontraditional Treatment

Diseases of the oral mucosa are quite common, while it is difficult to make a correct diagnosis. This is due to the fact that various diseases of the oral cavity and the whole organism can occur with the same symptoms. Thus, stomatitis combines various diseases of the oral mucosa.

Traditional treatment of stomatitis

For effective treatment , you must first determine the cause of the disease. Diagnostic examination of the oral cavity is performed by dentist. Often, this is sufficient for diagnosis. However, if stomatitis is caused by infection, a laboratory study of scraping or swab of the mouth from the location of the pathology can be assigned.

Stomatitis treatment begins with professional teeth cleaning, that is, by removal of plaque and calculus by means of modern equipment. If the patient has teeth with untreated caries and he or she has missing seals or damaged teeth as well as periodontal inflammation, these defects must be cured. During and after the treatment the doctor treats the mucous membrane of the mouth with antiseptic solutions. Then the patient should be in charge of maintaining cleanliness of the mouth himself by:

  • brushing teeth two times per day (in the morning after a meal and at night before going to bed);
  • rinsing his mouth after every meal using special mouthwash or decoction of calendula, chamomile.

For ulcer and aphthous form of stomatitis local treatment should be combined with the general one. The patient should take medications that strengthen the immune system, as well as take the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

If stomatitis was caused by a herpes virus infection or candida, there shall be additional antiviral or antifungal treatment.

In case stomatitis was caused by any other disease, the therapy should be aimed to eliminate the root causes of it.

In treatment of stomatitis it is necessary to follow a diet in which you want to exclude spicy, sour, rough, too hot and too cold foods from your meal with.

Unconventional treatment of stomatitis

The treatment of stomatitis folk remedies can not do without the help of the dentist. Before you begin treatment, it is necessary to eliminate any infectious foci, deposits on the teeth and defective fillings.

Common means of folk treatment of stomatitis is rinsing the mouth with egg glair. To do this, wash one egg, bleed the protein in 100 grams of warm boiled or purified water whip. Do mouthwash with this solution every two hours.

When having nonhealing ulcerative stomatitis that arose against the background of other diseases, quick help may be giant with the following structure: 1 egg glair, 1 tsp.  of honey, 5 mg. of novocaine, 1 ampule of vitamin B1, B6. All ingridients should be stired until foamy state. Take one teaspoon of fasting.

Clean hot water will help with stomatitis. Rinsing the mouth should be done 5-8 times per day, especially after eating. For a more rapid therapeutic effect it is recommended to dilute one teaspoon of baking soda or propolis tincture in a glass of water.

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