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​Adentia: causes, symptoms, treatment

Edentia is a pathology that is characterized by a complete or partial absence of a human tooth. Two forms of edentulous, which depend on the cause of development of a primary shape and a secondary shape.

Adentia: causes, symptoms, treatment

Primary edentia is characterized by the absence of teeth primordia. It is an innate and  rare pathology  Secondary edentia is the loss of the tooth after its formation, and this form is very common.

Causes of edentulism

Primary edentia is the result of improper formation of intrauterine fetus. Not uncommon for the primary edentia happens hereditary factor or is the result of injury to the jaw. Secondary edentia usually occurs as a result of caries or periodontal disease. But in order to fully ascertain the cause of this disease you should undergo a thorough diagnosis and a comprehensive examination.

Edentia sympthoms

The main symptom of this disease, both in the primary and the secondary form is the offset of the dentition in the area where the missing tooth or teeth are. During the full primary edentulous symptoms are manifested more evidently, as a change in the facial skeleton occurs. In other words, if there is no the lower row of teeth, a ceasing of the lower part of face occurs, for example.

Diagnosis of adentia should not cause any problems for a specialist. A mere examination of the patient or the analysis of his clinical history is enough. In some cases, one might need to undergo x-ray examination to have a better understanding of the pathology.

Treatment of edentulous

In any form adentia is treated only by prosthetics. You should understand that the method of prosthesis should be treated with full responsibility, as the load on other teeth and jaw in general should be properly shared. Without a doubt, the process of prosthetics is purely individual in each case and for each person, as the shape and size of teeth is different for everyone.

Do not be afraid of the prosthesis. Today there are methods of teeth reconstruction, which help to make dentures natural and man after a while longer will be even able to feel them. Without a doubt , these prosthesis are not cheap, but qualitative dentures will stay with you for decades and will keep a person healthy.

Doctor's recommendations

To avoid secondary edentulous, you need to take preventive measures in a timely manner. With all diseases of the teeth and oral cavity you need:

  • Proper and regular dental hygiene and oral health.
  • Regular examination by a dentist.
  • Early treatment of dental problems.

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