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​Your Mouth, Your Health

Can Bacteria In Your Mouth Affect The Heart

Some studies reveal that those who have gum illness are more likely to get heart disease than others. Researchers are not certain why that's; gum disease is not shown to cause other ailments. But it is sensible to take care of one's mouth like you do the remainder of the body.

Your Mouth, Your Health

Gum Disease and Diabetes

Diabetes may reduce the resistance of the body to disease. The risk of getting gum disease increases. What is more, such disease can allow it to be more difficult to keep glucose levels . Shield your gums. Brush after every meal and floss every day. See the dentist one or more times annually.

Dry Tongue And Mouth Cause Tooth Decay

With Sjogren's syndrome the body's immune system erroneously attacks saliva glands and tear ducts, resulting in dry mouth and eyes. Saliva helps protect gums and teeth from bacteria which cause gingivitis and cavities. So there is a dry mouth more susceptible.

Drugs That Make Mouth Dry

Given that a dry mouth increases risk of gum illness and cavities, you may need to assess your medicine cabinet. Decongestants, antihistamines and antidepressants are among the drugs that can make dry mouth. Speak with your physician or dentist to see if the oral health is changing, and what exactly you may do about it.

Anxiety and Teeth

If you're nervous, distressed, or depressed, you could be at bigger risk. Individuals under pressure generate high amounts of the hormone cortisol, which brings havoc on body and the gums. Pressure also results in poor oral attention; when distressed more than do not floss or brush regularly. Other anxiety-associated customs include drinking alcohol, smoking and clenching and grinding teeth.

Osteoporosis and Tooth Reduction

All the bones affect in your body and may cause tooth reduction. Bacteria which can be serious gum disease, also can break down the bone in the jaw. One sort of osteoporosis drug -- bisphosphonates -- may marginally raise the risk of a rare illness called osteonecrosis, that causes bone departure of the jaw. Say to your dentist if you consume bisphosphonates.

Eating Disorders Erode Enamel

A dentist can be the first to see signs of a disorder like bulimia. Tooth enamel can be seriously eroded by the belly acid from continued vomiting. Swelling can be also triggered by purging in throat, the mouth, and salivary glands in addition to bad breath. Other eating disorders, and anorexia, bulimia also can cause serious shortfalls that can influence the health.

Kidney Disease and Tooth Loss

Grownups may be more inclined to have kidney disease than others. Exactly periodontal disease and kidney disease are linked is not 100% clear. But researchers indicate that such inflammation may be the common thread. Taking care of gums and the teeth can reduce the risk of developing long-term kidney troubles.

Premature Birth and Gum Disease

If you have gum disease and pregnant, you could be too little and more prone to have a baby that's born too early. Just how both illnesses are linked remains ill understood. Illnesses or inherent inflammation may be to attribute. It's associated hormonal changes and pregnancy also may actually worsen gum disease. Speak with your obstetrician or dentist to discover how to shield your infant and yourself.

What Healthy Gums Seem Like

Healthy gums should appear solid and pink, not reddish and bloated. To keep them healthy, practice fine oral hygiene. Brush the teeth at least 2x a day, floss one or more times a day, see the dentist regularly, and avoid chewing tobacco or smoking.

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