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​Omega 3s No Aid for Age-Associated Eye Problems: Study

Adding this nutrient to regular antioxidant nutritional supplement did not help to stop macular degeneration.

Omega 3s No Aid for Age-Associated Eye Problems: Study

Adding Omega 3 and other nutritional elements to regular antioxidant vitamins does not give any extra protection against a number one cause of blindness to old ones, a new research finds.

The Study

The study was taken of age-associated macular degeneration (AMD), which gets millions of old individuals in the USA, based on background knowledge summarized by the investigators.

The state is "the key source of blindness in the 1st world, and is the reason more than 50% of blindness in Usa," the research authors stated.

Without more successful methods for slowing progress, the number of men with high level AMD is anticipated to 2x over the next two decades, leading to raising socioeconomic weight.

Previous research has indicated that the combination of the anti oxidant E and C vitamins, zinc and beta-carotene could decrease the hazard of progressing to the AMD.

What Are The Results?

Could including in more anti oxidants foster that defense even greater? To discover, this 5 year study of over 4,000 individuals, aged 50-85, analyzed whether including the zeaxanthin and carotenoids lutein and , with the omega-3 acids DHA and the to EPA anti oxidant vitamin combination would additionally reduce the threat.

It did maybe not, in accordance with the findings presented concurrently at the yearly meeting of the Organization for Vision and Ophthalmology Research, in Seattle and released on-line in the American Medical Association Journal.

The investigators warn the findings may be a result of a true dearth of effectivity, or they might additionally be caused by inadequate doses, overly brief a remedy time, or equally.

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