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​Conjunctivitis: Causes, Symptoms And Diagnosis

Conjunctivitis is a very common disease of an eye.This presentation will help you to understand different aspects of this disease with the help of animation.This film is made in adobe flash cs5.

Conjunctivitis is a common name for a number of diseases of the conjunctiva, the inflammatory nature of the bearing. Conjunctivitis is called the front part of the eye (the cornea before) and the rear surface of the eyelids, covered with a transparent, thin film. Film produces important components of lachrymal fluid and creates a protective barrier against foreign bodies and small microorganisms. Disease conjunctivitis occurs quite often, both in children and adults.

Conjunctivitis: Causes, Symptoms And Diagnosis

The causes of conjunctivitis

Eye chlamydia, bacterial, fungal or viral infection. In conjunctival infection can get when the person is bathed in dirty waters, rubs his eyes with dirty hands, use expired or not your makeup. The infection can also penetrate into the eye through the blood during various infectious diseases (eg, measles, SARS, chicken pox).

  • Allergic conjunctivitis may occur as a reaction to any stimulus, such as blooming ragweed, poplar fluff, pollen, household dust, animal dander.
  • The duration of action of the stimulus on the conjunctiva: dust, smoke, chemicals.
  • Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation in both summer and winter.
  • Increased sensitivity to certain drugs.
  • Failure to comply with the rules of hygiene and the use of contact lenses.
  • Hypothermia and eyestrain.
  • Nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.
  • Metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiency.
  • Chronic diseases lacrimal system and the nose.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis

Symptoms Conjunctivitis dependent form of the disease. It is usually seen such manifestations: tearing, redness and irritation of the eyes, swelling of the eyelids, itching, burning, discharge of pus.

It is very important time to see a doctor and start treatment as severe stage of the disease can lead to keratitis with subsequent loss of vision.

Diagnosis of conjunctivitis

Diagnosed when viewed from an ophthalmologist. In some cases, the doctor may take a scraping (smear) of the conjunctiva to determine the causative agent. In case of allergic conjunctivitis research on allergen that could be the cause of the disease.

Types of conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis in two main forms: acute and chronic. The acute form occurs suddenly and is accompanied by a storm of symptoms. The chronic form of the contrary develops gradually flows sluggishly and often affects both eyes at the same time.

Conjunctivitis is divided into allergic, bacterial and viral forms.

Bacterial usually affects both eyes and is accompanied by copious mucus, pus then. The form of the virus often affects one eye, accompanied by small mucous secretions. Bacterial and viral forms are highly contagious, so easily transmitted by contact with the patient. Allergic form occurs in contact with the allergen, which is accompanied by burning, itching, redness of the eyelids, along with general symptoms (fever, cough, runny nose).

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