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How To Treat The Fatigue Of Eyes From Computer: Expert Advice

Eyes get tired from the computer as a result of prolonged stress faced by the visual apparatus. With tired eyes there appears discomfort that is familiar to everyone: redness, inflammation, burning sensation, "sand" in the eyes, the deterioration of sharpness of visible objects. A computer monitor is often the cause of all these troubles.

How To Treat The Fatigue Of Eyes From Computer: Expert Advice

Computer and eye fatigue

Eyestrain is usually caused by a long stay in front of a computer monitor. As you know, eyestrain and computer radiation affects the vision not in the best way.

Prolonged stress leads to eye fatigue, which can become chronic. Enthusiastically staring at the screen, we forget to blink, that is why dry eye syndrome develops. From here there is a feeling of "sand" in the eyes, blurry vision, redness of the eyelids.

According to studies, people are six times less likely to blink than it is necessary to while working with the computer.

Prolonged stress after scrutinizing computer screen seriously violates the blood supply to the eye and there appears red grid on the eyeball due to ruptured blood vessels.

Computer eye strain: prevention

Modern life and the computer are so inseparable things, it is unlikely that someone will be able to stop using it. Refusing is not necessary. After all, almost all professions require knowledge on the computer. In addition, forgetting secondary and higher education to a greater or lesser extent computer is necessary.

There is only one way out: to observe simple rules of work at the computer without exposing your eyes to tests for strength. It is thus possible to avoid fatigue of the visual apparatus and prevent the development of various diseases in the future.

In order to prevent eye fatigue you must properly set up your working place. Room lighting should be smooth and there should not fall a bright spot on the desktop. Additional lighting from a window or a desk lamp should be positioned to the left. Light should be moderate, but not dull.

The monitor should be without any reflections, since they overload the eyes that are already being tired. Set the monitor need on a small hill, just below eye level with a slight slope away from you.

Every 45 minutes you need to give your eyes a rest: look into the distance, to stand to walk around the room.

In addition to the organization of the workplace, you must take care of the nutrients to your eyes. It is useful to take a multivitamin complexes, especially vitamin A, E. It is recommended to eat more fruits, vegetables, fruit and fresh blueberries in a jam.

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