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​Dacryocystitis : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Dr. Carlo Oller, emergency physician, talks about this.
Dacryocystitis  is an inflammation of iacrimal sac. The disease can occur in acute IPT chronic form. The most frequent is chronic dacryocystitis.

Dacryocystitis : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Dacryocystitis: causes

  • Various diseases of the nasal mucosa , which cause a blockage or narrowing of nasolacrimal canal.
  • Inflammatory processes that occurs in the maxillary sinus and bone , in which  the lacrimal sac is located.

What happens when you have dacryocystitis?

Chronic dacryocystitis is always evolving due to narrowing of nasolacrimal canal. This helps delay the lacrimal fluid and pathogens in lacrimal sac, leading to the inflammatory process in the lacrimal shell.

Acute dacryocystitis often develops on the basis of chronic ones and is characterized by purulent inflammation of tissue that surrounds the lacrimal sac.

Among neonates dacryocystitis usually arises due to the maintenance of the embryonic film that covers the lower part of the nasolacrimal canal.

Dacryocystitis: Symptoms

Chronic dacryocystitis manifested active lacrimation , swelling of the lacrimal sac . When pressed on this area of the lacrimal points there is purulent or muco- purulent fluid allocated. In this hyperemic tearful caruncle, semilunar fold eyelids and conjunctiva.

The liquid does not pass during rinsing lacrimal system. If chronic dacryocystitis long takes time to heal, the lacrimal sac may be very stretched. In this case, the skin stretched over the bluish becomes blue because of its thinning.

Dacryocystitis is a constant danger to the health of the eye. Cornea easily infectes purulent bag, which may lead to corneal ulcer.

Painful swelling is observed for acute dacryocystitis, which is accompanied by redness in the area of the lacrimal sac. Eyelids swollen, slit eye narrowed or closed. A clear boundary of the inflammatory focus is missing. After a few days after swelling  there appears is a yellow abscess, which in a few days may reveal spontaneously. Then the inflammation begins to subside. You may experience a fistula, which is caused bt a tear and pus.

Dacryocystitis: treatment

The choice of treatment depends on the patient's age, clinical course and causes of disease. Conservative treatment is antibiotic therapy, UHF therapy, washing lacrimal antiseptic solutions. If conservative treatments does not help, then the new methods are used: the formation of a new channel for the outflow of the lacrimal fluid into the nasal cavity or the removal of the lacrimal sac.

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