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Specialties And Prevention Of Women's Sports Injuries

Traditionally, the most dangerous sports are consiredred to be the men ones. Football, hockey, martial arts, weightlifting, bodybuilding do not complete list of the most traumatic sports, which are mainly done by men. But, despite this, aerobics and fitness that are preferred by women can be much more dangerous for the female body. Mostly, that is for one simple reason, as the female body is more fragile, it has thinner bones and ligaments are weaker, so following safety rules during sports is one of the most important aspects of woman health.

Specialties And Prevention Of Women's Sports Injuries

Specialties and prevention of women's sports injuries

As a rule, women behave rather cautious than men do during sports activities, but this behavior is not one of the injury prevention means itself. Even if you do not jumps and make sharp movements, it is difficult to avoid problems with joints, so you should pay attention to the following points during sports .

Leg injuries

Leg joints, such as hip and knee, get  injured most often. For the knee forward displacement of the patella that is bulging, which mainly happens due to the performance of deep knee bends with the extra weight (barbell), creating extra internal pressure on a kneecup, is common. Such trauma can contribute to a rapid deterioration of cartilage in the future. 


For the prevention of bulging of the knee joint it is recommended to perform leg stretching in the block simulator, which helps support and stabilize the kneecap. Any stretching of the legs (even without the simulator and weighting) helps to normalize the state of the kneecup.

Hip injury most likely occurs during the attempt to do the splits or perform deep knee bends with legs wide apart (as in the main Sumo position). Despite the fact that it is easy enough for women to perform this exercise, since they can keep balance due to the wide pelvis, hip injury is a common phenomenon among them. Prevention of this form of injury is the same as for the knee malfunction.

Upper body injury

The most dangerous area for injury are shoulder joints, as they have the highest mobility and relatively small strength. Exercises that are aimed at the development of the deltoid and pectoral muscles are most dangerous for women, because of the high risk of bones slipping out of joint capsule. In this case, the characteristic feature is that this type of injury may not be accompanied by pain and can be treated easily. But we should remember that even if such injury occurred once, the consequences remain forever, as with picking up more or less significant loads it will appear again. The greatest danger of such injury occurs during a deep bench of dumbbell  in case of incline.


As the prevention of such injuries one can use special sports jerseys, which immobilize the shoulder joint, and avoid working work with heavier weights and reduce the amplitude during exercise.

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