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Rehabilitation After Sports Injuries

Exercising, especially if it is a professional sports or extreme sports, such as martial arts, hockey, horse riding, football and others, is always associated with the risk of injury. The most common sports injuries include sprains, strains, fractures, bruises, joint damage. An important step in the treatment of such injuries is rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation After Sports Injuries

What is rehabilitation after sports injuries?

Restoration or rehabilitation after sports injuries is the process during which physical therapy, manual therapy, exercises, traction and other activities designed to return the athlete to continue to play sports are applied. Typically, rehabilitation courses are conducted in the clinic under strict medical supervision. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of rehabilitation to fully restore physical abilities, because without effective recovery re-injury or complications are likely to occur.

Advantages of rehabilitation after sports injuries

If rehabilitation is carried out in a timely manner and taking into account the nature of the damage, it significantly reduces the risk of re-injury common for that quite sport. But keep in mind that rehabilitation can have two main areas:

  • Relief of symptoms manifestations after the damage.
  • Restoring full sports readiness.

These rehabilitation programs are significantly different from each other not only because of a goal , but because of the methods, intensive courses, time and other things.Today's program of recovery after sports injuries are charachterized byt the target  that is the removal of unwanted effects of immobilization damage. The main objectives set by the physicians involved in the rehabilitation are to stimulate processes aimed at proper healing of injuries, maintaining the general condition and recovery of all the specific functions that are associated with sports activities.

When should I start rehabilitation after sports injuries

After most types of sports injuries, rehabilitation program begins immediately, even if it was necessary to carry out the surgery. To prevent tissue degenerative processes, recovery should begin immediately.

Many clinics that specialize in the rehabilitation of sports injuries are equipped with special apatatuses for passive movements. Thus, even the operated limb can keep moving within acceptable limits, despite the fact that the patient is unconscious or under anesthesia. After leaving the hospital an athlete can continue to use such equipment to speed up the recovery process.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the early movements after an injury, because thanks to this approach one can maintain the joints in good shape, increase the strength of ligaments and tendons around the joint capsule.

If sports injury of moderate severity did not require surgery, rehabilitation should begin after the decrease of pain and swelling. Typically, this is the period of twenty four or seventy two hours .

Rehabilitation period ends when the functionality is restored up to 95%.

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