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​Winter: The Exacerbation Of Spine Diseases Time

In winter, acute diseases of the spine are very frequent. This mostly happens for two reasons: this time people are gaining weight rapidly and move a little.

Winter: The Exacerbation Of Spine Diseases Time

Acute sciatica or "cross"

Acute sciatica that is in common called "cross" of the back, is a disease which is characterized by a sharp pain in the back which arises as a result of the inflammatory process in the spinal nerve roots. There are two main causes of sciatica:

  1. The narrowing of the intervertebral space. This pathological condition occurs gradually as a result of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Flexible tissue between the vertebrae gradually shift towards forming intervertebral hernia. Treatment of narrowing of the intervertebral space with the advent of hernia is only surgical. Modern medicine offers more than a dozen of surgical treatments of herniated discs, but the most popular and least traumatic method is a laser nucleotomy, for which there is no need to use anesthesia.
  2. Abrupt displacement of the vertebrae. It mainly occurs due to a sharp and improper lifting of hard things, during which there occurs the tear of ligaments or muscles. To prevent bias, it is necessary to squat lifting weights without bending your back. This technique makes it possible to reduce the load on the front surface of the vertebrae that are most susceptible to deformation. Sometimes displaced vertebrae can be put into place by oneself. Just take a horizontal position, and then wear a special elastic belt, which will fix the vertebrae in the normal state, for some time. If this does not help, make sure to consult with a doctor.

Sedentary lifestyle - a direct threat to the spine

Everyone knows that the body, which does not fulfil its function, begins to atrophy. The spine is not an exception to this rule. The spine should be constantly subjected to dynamic loading, ie, a person must move to ensure the spine is supplied with essential nutrients. If this does not happen, because a lot of people sit and move a little, their spine becomes literally hungry and begins suffer from various pathological processes, such as low back pain or osteoporosis.

It is important to conduct spine exercise in the period of intensive growth, that is, between the age of 6 to 8 and from 13 to 15 years. During these periods of time the spine grows with the maximum intensity and muscles do not have time to reach it, which leads to different curvatures. Swimming, horse riding, athletics, outdoor games are the best sports for children and adolescents.

How to prevent diseases of the spine in the winter

You should be prepared for the winter in advance and regularly and strengthen the spine. To do this, you must do daily morning exercises, getting out of bed. Lye straight on your back and keep the shoulders fixed and begin to throw your right leg over the left one, but do it very slowly. Keep her fixed in the position at the bottom and count up to five. Then slowly return to starting position. The same exercise should be done to the left leg as well.

  1. Lie on the floor and pull both legs to the chin. Then start "rolling" back on the floor. This exercise is very good for the state of the entire spine and prevents displacement.
  2. Go up to a standing position with your feet kept apart in the position of shoulder width and begin to pull your arms up, stretching the spine as much as possible. Then bend your knees to a right angle. Do not drop your hands and start squatting springy.
  3. You can finish complex morning exercises by turning to the right and to the left, trying to look as far as possible over the shoulder.

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