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Why Joints Heart?

Joint pain is a common problem today, both for the elderly and young people. It is a symptom of many diseases, so it is difficult to determine the cause and possible only with the help of a complete examination of the person.

Why Joints Heart

Causes of pain in the joints

  • Cartilage inflammation (arthritis) is necessarily manifested by pain in the joints. In turn,different diseases, such as senile degeneration of cartilage, rheumatism and others can be the causes of arthritis.
  • A daunting exercise.
  • Damage to the tendons and ligaments.
  • Joint injuries and fractures.
  • Sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, and others).
  • Allergy.
  • Osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bone).
  • Infectious Diseases (rubella, influenza, mumps, and others).
  • Inflammation of the tendons (tendinitis).
  • Inflammation of the synovial membrane (bursitis).
  • Gout.
  • Meteorological dependency.

Folk Methods of Treatment Of Joints Pain Treatment

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis are usually exacerbated during the cold season. Pain in the joints often treated by pain medication. However, they can not be infinitely taken, and after the effects of drugs on the body the pain returns. Folk recipes may help traditional medicines to soothe joint pain and to prevent their reappearance.

  1. Put a few sheets of laurel in 300 grams of water, boil it for five minutes and leave it to infuse under the hood or in a thermos for a few hours. Then drink the infusion for three days in small sips.
  2. If after a hard day you can not find a place of pain in the joints, the mixture of rubbed beets, turnips, radishes and parsley will help. This meal should be put on the affected joint, wrap a warm scarf and cabbage leaves.
  3. Oats broth is a good remedy for joint pain. To make it, you need to pour one cup of oatmeal in a liter of water and it cook over low heat until the quarter of liquid evaporates. Then filter the broth and drink half a cup of it before the meals three times a day.
  4. Traditional recipe from great pain in the joints is the ointment: '50 kerosene, sunflower oil, 1 tsp. of soda and a quarter of a soap piece. Mix all the ingredients and leave them in a dark place for three days. Once it is ready, you need to rub ointment in painful joints every day for two weeks.
  5. Bath spruce: chop some fresh fir branches, pour them in boiling water and leave them for half an hour. Heat the infusion again and do the bath for hands and feet, then you should immediately go to a warm bed to rest.

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