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​Tailbone Cyst : Causes and Symptoms

Tailbone cyst  is usually a congenital disorder which is caused by the individual characteristics of embryonic development, when the top of the folds is formed between the buttocks subcutaneous cavity , which is covered with epithelium. Most often from a cyst tailbone men suffer under the age of thirty years, but there are cases where women and sick with this disease as well. It should be noted that the coccyx cysts is characterized by the absence of symptoms for a long time. The patient may be unaware of a disease by decades , and detecting the presence of small holes only is possible only by visual inspection at a point which is it removed from the anus of seven to ten centimeters. In some cases the recess may be sufficiently deep and resemble the shape of a funnel.

Tailbone Cyst : Causes and Symptoms

Causes of cysts of the coccyx

The main cause of this disease is a violation of the embryonic development of the caudal region. This pathology is not uncommon, but the formation of cysts does not happen in all cases. Experts believe that the inflammation in the area of the coccyx can be caused by the following circumstances:

The presence of thick hair in the coccyx.

Contamination and, as a consequence, blocking of pores in the coccyx.

  • Sedentary lifestyle especially if a person has a sedentary job.
  • Hereditary factor.
  • The presence of various infectious diseases.
  • Hypothermia.
  • Decreased immunity.
  • Injuries of mechanical nature.
  • Symptoms of cysts of the coccyx.

The occurrence of cysts of the coccyx entails a number of features that can significantly affect a person's lifestyle. First of all, these symptoms should be classified:

  • Sensation of a foreign object between buttocks. As a rule, discomfort or pain occurs during the movement.
  • The skin in the coccyx area swells and reddens. Inflammation may be small, but it may take up a large area.
  • In the area of the coccyx arises a hole from which pus or infiltration mat flow out.
  • If the disease enters a phase of exacerbation there may occur multiple openings. Through time some of them start to scar, others remain active.
  • While sitting there may occur pain.
  • The body temperature rises.

Doctor's recommendations

Signs of coccyx cysts disease largely resemble the symptoms of boils, so some patients do not go to the doctor and try to treat themselves on their own. This is extremely dangerous, as the wrong treatment of cysts of the coccyx is fraught with a number of complications.

First of all, the resulting output pus destroyed surrounding tissue which may become infected. Most often a secondary infection of the coccyx is accompanied by high body temperature, swelling, redness and severe pain .

Thus, a secondary infection may lead to suppurative inflammation or abscess.

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