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​Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Spine

The radiologist can discuss certain effects after the test. Entire results usually are prepared for your own physician in 1-2 days.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Spine

Normal MRI

  • The bones of the backbone, disks, and nerves are standard.
  • Areas of damage of nerves in the column, tumours, inflammation are absent.
  • No bone or disorder loss in the back is not absent.
  • No ruptured disks are not absent. There aren't any constructions pressing a nerve.
  • No structural issues which were there from birth (problems that are congenital) are discovered.

Abnormal MRI

  • Inflammation, tumours, or nerve damage areas in the column are not absent. A disorder including multiple sclerosis of the cord is discovered.
  • Narrowing of spinal canal is not absent.
  • Bone loss or broken bones in back from the injury or disorder, like arthritis, is discovered.
  • One or more disks of the column are pressing on the nerve or ruptured or bulging.
  • A state that is present from birth (congenital illness) is discovered in the vertebrae or the back.

The Hazards

There aren't any known effects from the powerful magnetic field. The magnet is quite strong. It may affect artificial limbs, pacemakers and other medical devices which contain iron. It will stop a watch that's near the magnet. Any metal thing that is free has the danger of causing harm or damage if it is pulled toward the magnet that is powerful.

The retina can be damaged by metal sections. An Xray of the eyes can be done prior to the MRI, if you can have metal fragments in your eye. If these are found, the MRI is not going to be done.

Tattoos or tattooed eyeliner with iron pigments can cause eye or skin irritation. MRI may cause a burn with certain medication bandages. Make sure you tell your doctor if you're wearing a patch.

There's a negligible danger of a reaction if contrast material is utilized in the MRI. But most are light and may be treated using medication. There additionally is a negligible danger of an infection.

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