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​The Most Frequent Anal Canal Diseases

Rectum passes through the anal triangle and ends with the anus (anal canal). It is a slit aperture. There are various causes of diseases of the anus. This may be mechanical trauma, infection, inflammation, and other hormonal imbalances. The correct diagnosis can only be done by the proctologist doctor who specializes in treating the rectum.

The Most Frequent Anal Canal Diseases

Most Common Diseases Of The Anal Canal

Hemorrhoids. All people have hemorrhoids. They are composed of blood vessels (arteries and veins), the high and low pressure. These nodes can be increased in size. The causes of this disease: straining during childbirth or defecation, long sitting on the toilet, a sedentary lifestyle, "fractional" chair, the lack of food fiber. Symptoms: burning, itching, bleeding, high humidity.

Anal fissure. Reason: excessive stretching of the anal canal that leads to rupture of the sensitive skin of the anus. The main symptom: acute pain during and after the defecation. They usually appear in the form of bright red blood on the toilet paper and in the stool.

Anal (perianal) thrombosis - a painful swelling, located at the edge of the anus.

Anal eczema - itchy rash. The reason is the increase of hemorrhoids.

Fistulas and abscesses. Abscess can be caused by inflammatory changes in the glands of the anal canal. Manifests itself as a painful swelling edge anal passage.

Pilonidal sinus (cyst) is located under the skin of the sacrum. The disease can only be removed surgically.

Colon and rectum cancer. Disease begins with the proliferation of the intestinal epithelium and is expressed in the form of intestinal polyps.

Benign tumors - colon polyps and growths in the anus.

Inflammatory chronic diseases of the big and small colon. Crohn's disease is often causing it, as well as ulcerative colitis, fistulas, abscesses.

Diverticular disease is very often seen in elderly people and looks like a sac outgrowth in the colon.

Irritable bowel syndrome. Symptoms: cramps, alternating constipation and diarrhea, flatulence frequent manifestation, sometimes spotting.

Violation of Anus Closing (incontinence) - the process of bowel movement can not be fully controlled.

Constipation. Bowel movement less than 3 times a week is called constipation. Causes: irregular eating low-fiber, low mobility, the use of less than 2 liters of fluid a day.

Warts - small nodules in the anal canal. Causative agent - viral infections, such as HPV (human papilloma virus).

Anal canal diseases are painful and dangerous to health. Treatment of diseases of the anus is engaged by doctors: proctologist, surgeon and gastroenterologist in individual cases. 

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