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Anal Fissure: Traditional and Alternative Treatment

Anal fissure - not just inconvenient problem, but also one that can cause pain or bleeding. What is it actually? It is a small laceration in the anal canal that can cause constant discomfort. therefore desirable to delay treatment. You can start with the most common ways: sitz bath with warm water 2 or 3 times a day for 20 minutes, more fiber in the diet (broccoli, peppers, apples, carrots). Sometimes it is possible to take laxative, but not often. not to provoke addiction.

Anal Fissure: Traditional and Alternative Treatment

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Most useful remedy in folk medicine for this disease is considered beetroot. And it can be used raw and boiled. Also it helps to soften the stool to take the dried fruit: dried apricots, prunes, figs. Pumpkin, cabbage, apples, tangerines and peaches are full with pain. The main goal - to achieve a regular bowel movement.


Aloe has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. Smearing fissures with it, and making candles from frozen juice of this plant can speed up recovery.

Chamomile Decoction

Chamomile plantain or motherwort decoction enemas can remove severe inflammation and reduce pain. Pain may take a few days, but the crack will heal completely within a few weeks.

Liquid paraffin, candles and salves, such as zinc oxide, Anuzol or 1% hydrocortisone cream-tion, solkoseril can be purchased. However, the studies of the Health Centre of digestive disorders showed that eating fiber and sitz baths help in some cases better than healing creams.

The composition of medicines for the treatment of anal fissure include nitroglycerin. 0.2% nd cream based nitroglycerin decreases sphincter tone. Pea cream gets rubbed into the crack and tissues nearby. Do not use it much at one time because of possible side effects. Treat anal fissure with botox injections also in the sphincter, they prevent spasm.


But always remember that self-medication can be dangerous to your health. And before doing anything you should consult with a proctologist.

If you have tried many different methods of healing, and crack still exist, it can be considered chronic.

Surgical Treatment

Surgical treatment of anal fissure is used when conservative methods do not helped. The operation, which is carried out more often than others is called lateral internal closed sphincterotomy. How does this happen? The surgeon makes a small incision in the tissue of the internal anal sphincter to reduce muscle tone. Sphincterotomy is subdivided into the back, front and lateral side.

Important to understand that even with surgery, you do not have to forget about this issue, that is, always remember prevention and eat right. Results of lateral internal sphincterotomy, compared with drug treatment are mostly positive, and normally place is without complications.

Experienced proctologist say that anal fissure after surgery may be re extremely rare. It all depends on how the surgery was carried out. If surgery is performed by experienced proctologist and it has been done right, the likelihood that such a crack happens again is equal to 1%.  

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