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Hemorrhoids Among Newborns

It is believed that hemorrhoids is a disease that only adults, leading a sedentary lifestyle, having bad habits and regularly lifting weights become thick with. But, unfortunately, this is not true, as sometimes hemorrhoids occurs among young children, moreover, it can be found even among newborns.

Hemorrhoids Among Newborns

Causes of hemorrhoids among newborns

  1. The main reason for the development of hemorrhoids among newborns is venous insufficiency. As a rule, the child is already born with abnormally dilated veins in the pelvic area, which leads to the emergence of hemorrhoids during 2-5 days of life.
  2. The second cause of hemorrhoids in early childhood is problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in consequence with that the wrong defecation occurs. Therefore, it is important to teach a child to sit on the potty when it wants to.
  3. The third reason is a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, these days the children from an early age prefer to spend time watching TV and, at the same time, they are not interested in games involving movement. This can cause hemorrhoids.
  4. One of the most common causes of hemorrhoids among the newborns is a heredity.

Hemorrhoid symptoms among newborns

The main symptoms of hemorrhoids development in infants appear on the 2-5 day of their life. Most often, the disease manifests itself with prolonged hemorrhage, ie bleeding. It should be remembered that this type of bleeding can be both external and internal. Bleeding and hemorrhoids may be proveked even by slight constipation, which occurs due to improper balance of microflora in the gut. Another factor aggravating symptoms is baby crying, which increases intra-abdominal pressure. A positive aspect in the course of symptoms is the fact that hemorrhoids after a short child's rest disappears without treatment.

Hemorrhoid treatment among infants

The main goal in the treatment of hemorrhoids among infants is to eliminate the causes of constipation that the childs suffers from. As a rule, this applies to conservative treatment, which implies special diet, proper hygiene, therapeutic baths, ointments, enemas, suppositories for hemorrhoids. This pathology is treated fairly easily among newborns. After the normalization of stool, the siginifican relief appears, and if you do not allow more constipation, the disease will cease to grow.

Before the treatment, it is advisable for the child to be diagnosed to accurately determine the presence of hemorrhoids or its abcense and determination of suffering fromsome other disease, for example, a polyp . Preparations for the normalization of bowel and candles from hemorrhoids are appointed only according to the results of analyzes .

Special attention should be paid to hygiene of a child. The child should be bathed at least three times a day with a weak solution of potassium permanganatein order to prevent the penetration of infection. If the child has severe pain, Vishnevsky ointment, which removes inflammation, helps to get rid of microorganisms and accelerates the process of healing of microcracks, ca ne applied. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe candles based on natural ingredients, such as candles with belladonna, homeopathic candles, propolis, glycerin suppositories and others.

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