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​Bladder Cancer: Causes Symptoms, Prevention

Bladder cancer is a malignant neoplasm of bladder walls or mucosa. This pathology occurs frequently in our days, according to statistics, this type of cancer is eleventh in the ranking among other malignancies. Urologists say that this pathology occurs four times more often among men than among women.

Bladder Cancer: Causes Symptoms, Prevention

Causes of bladder cancer

Causes that provoke the development of cancer that could be set to be the most common are:

  • Chemical agents that affect the human body. For example, bladder cancer is common among men who work for chemical, textile, gas and rubber production industry.
  • Smoking overindulgence.
  • The presence of chronic diseases in the urogenital area.
  • The presence of parasitic organisms such as schistosomes, which live in some pound and get to urethra and provoke the development of cancer.
  • Papilloma of the bladder.

Symptoms of bladder cancer

For the initial phase of development of cancers, patients may experience symptoms that are common to those which occur when one suffers from cystitis:

  • Pain, not strong during urination in most cases and mild pain at rest of the bladder.
  • Various urinary disorders.
  • False urination.
  • Feeling of inadequate emptying of the bladder.
  • Recurring urinary incontinence.

When the tumor begins to grow, there is a partial occlusion of the lumen of the urethra, so during this period there may be some common symptoms, such as:

  • The admixture of fresh blood in the urine.
  • No pain.
  • You may experience bleeding with the presence of clots.

If the tumor progresses, the following symptoms may occur:

  • Manifestation of disorders of urine outflow.
  • The syndrome of chronic renal failure.
  • Poor overall health.
  • Rashes and itching.
  • Disorder of the digestive system.
  • Dryness of mucous and skin.
  • With the infection of the neighboring organs, there may occur pain in the abdomen.

Prevention of bladder cancer

For radical treatment of cancer of the bladder, a resection of the bladder is usually used, but in 60% of cases, the disease recurs.

Prevention of bladder cancer can be achieved by following these rules:

  • Complete cessation of smoking and alcohol.
  • The fight against excess weight.
  • Diet, that implies eating more vegetables and fruits.
  • Urinary-genital diseases should be treated promptly.
  • Regular medical examination.

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