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Heart defects: prenatal diagnosis

At the Center for Prenatal Pediatrics, pregnancy involves caring for two patients mother and baby. In high-risk cases where the baby has a birth defect, the mother may need specialized adult care while the fetus requires a pediatric focus.

Congenital heart defects are the most common pathology of fetal development, which occurs with a frequency of 4 to 8 babies per 1,000 live births. Features of congenital heart disease are that they can be complex, critical, and their course is characterized by leaps and bounds. Therefore, about 30-40% of children born with congenital heart dies in the first weeks or months of life, if they do not provide emergency assistance.

Heart defects: prenatal diagnosis

Perinatal Diagnosis

The most important point - this is an early, prenatal diagnosis of CHD, which began practicing around the world for more than thirty years ago. Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery deals with prenatal diagnosis for 10 years. Therefore, doctors working in the Center, received a great experience diagnosing heart abnormalities in utero.

It is best to perform prenatal diagnosis at 18-20 weeks of gestation. During this period, are already well formed heart and see all of its structure, so all existing heart defects can be diagnosed at this stage. Servicing is for a period of 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy is the best yet because abortion if heart disease is incompatible with life and inoperable, this period is the least traumatic for women.

Today, heart disease is not a sentence!

  • In Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery held annually perinatal diagnosis UPU 1000 pregnant women.
  • More than 300 heart defects are diagnosed each year, of which more than a hundred are critical in need in operating in the first hours, days after birth.
  • The vast majority of these operations ends successfully with a good prognosis for future life.

Important information for parents

Parents need to know that any suspicion of a UPU should involve consultation with a highly qualified cardiologist, who is not only able to establish an accurate diagnosis, but also to forecast where the child to be born, where it should operate, and parents how to behave in the future.

  • Some types of congenital heart disease is very complex, so it is necessary to deliveries in close proximity to the cardiological center.
  • Other UPU do not need special monitoring at birth, and parents can bring their child for consultation later, when he turns month.
  • There are simple UPU, which require only regular monitoring by a cardiologist, and surgical intervention is not necessary during the first years of life.

Why do I need a doctor's referral for consultation in pediatric cardiac surgery center?

More than 20,000 consultations carried out at the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery each year. This is a huge burden not only for professionals but also for diagnostic equipment. Therefore, should be clearly formed indications for the implementation of such a highly qualified and high-tech survey.

Thus, before turning to the Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, consult:

  • An expert in the community.
  • At the regional specialist, who decides on the need to consult the Center pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery.

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