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How Hypertension Affects Kidneys?

There is a complex relationship between hypertension and kidneys. Problem of the effect of hypertension on the kidneys has been puzzling world leading nephrologists and cardiologists. According to data obtained in the study of this relationship, hypertension affects the kidney as target organ. At the same time, kidney disease causes hypertension.

How Hypertension Affects Kidneys?

Why do you need to treat hypertension?

Researches have shown that arterial hypertension is able not only to affect the kidneys, but also to form renal failure. It is not an accident that experts emphasize on the need for treatment of high blood pressure if it exceeds 140 by 90 mm. Hg. Therapy aims to lower the pressure indicators 120 to 80 mm. Hg. Art. and halt progression of the disease renal failure.

For this purpose, patients with renal arterial hypertension should strictly limit the use of products containing sodium. During the day you can not consume more than five grams of salt.

Anti-hypertensive therapy:Tactics

In the treatment, it is important to know what is the correct rate for blood pressure to decrease. Studies show that while decreasing high pressure not exceed the threshold of 25% of the original. If this rule is not taken into account, disrupted kidney.

In those patients who suffer from hypertension and kidney disease, antihypertensive therapy directed to the full normalization of blood pressure.

Treatment of hypertension: how to start

In order to have correct treatment, the patient should be examined. After diagnostics, doctors recommendations must be performed and he must be attended regularly. In addition to medication cure, the treatment is aimed at:

  • Kidneys purification.
  • Normalizing the function of the thyroid gland and spine.
  • Strengthening the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
  • Cleansing vessels.

It must be remembered that the treatment of hypertension disease requires self-discipline. This disease needs constant care, that is, taking medications in time, performing injections prescribed by a doctor, not only during the acute period of illness, but on a constant basis. In cold weather, you should try to dress warmly, as the vessels constrict when it is cold.

Hypertension: herbs usage

In the treatment of hypertension disease receiving useful herbs that lower blood pressure and has a calming effect. For this reason, among useful herbs are: mint, motherwort, valerian, hops, hawthorn, yellow sweet clover, lemon balm, oregano, St. John's wort, calendula.

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