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Tanner: What To Choose?

Sunblock sunscreen is recommend to be used by dermatologists by everyone. This means when applied to the skin creates multiple barriers negative influence of solar radiation.

Tanner: What To Choose?

The levels of protection from solar radiation

All sunscreens have a particular index of protection from the sun in the structure, which is denoted by a digital indicator. Usually, there are two such indexes:

  • SPF - an indicator the level of protection against ultraviolet b-rays.
  • UVA - exponent and protection against ultraviolet rays.

Thus, the effectiveness of any sunblock measured SPF - SPF. When the package cream SPF indicated with the number - it means that the agent has protection from the sun, while the number indicates how many times longer you can stay in the sun with this tool without any harm to the skin than without it.

In order to properly determine the safety time stay on the active sun with sunscreen needed following. If you have a skin begins to redden after 15 minutes of exposure to the sun, if put on her vehicle with SPF10, then 15 minutes to be multiplied by 10. In other words, with a secure means of time spent in the sun is about 2.5 hours.

The level of SPF It can be from two to fifty, where two - is the minimum protection, SPF50 and is able to hold up to 98% of harmful rays. The most popular means are those that have the protection from 10 to 15.

How to determine skin type

To determine skin phototype, and, consequently, the best sunblock, you can use the table of Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick, which is used in the cosmetic and dermatological practice for many years . The table is based on the principle of the activity of melanocytes - the skin cells, which are responsible for the synthesis of melanin, which protects the skin from sunburn.

  1. First photo type. To him belong to the people with a snow-white skin, which has a pinkish hue and freckles. It usually blond or red-haired with blue eyes. Skin phototype first tans and burns, so even 7 minutes without sunscreen are fraught with burns. For such people is suitable cream with a high degree of protection - from 30 funds with lower protection will not prevent sunburn.
  2. The second photo type. To this photo type includes people with light skin. They usually have blonde hair, eyes can be green, gray or brown. In the sun without special tools it is not recommended to be more than 15 minutes. In early summer, you can start using the funds from the SPF30 or 25, closer to the middle of the summer you can go for protection 10.
  3. The third photo type. The third photo type includes people with brown eyes, dark blond or brown hair and dark skin. After tanning the skin becomes golden or chocolate hue and does not burn without protection on the active sun for half an hour. For the first week of rest is recommended to use the funds to the protection of SPF15, then you can go to SPF 8 or 6.
  4. The fourth photo type. This includes dark-skinned brunettes who can without fear of sunburn remain on the active sun for about forty minutes. For people with the fourth phototype skin is recommended - in the first week of relaxing on the beach use sunscreen with SPF10, and then you can move on SPF6.

When choosing a sunblock is also important to consider where you are going to spend a vacation. For an active holiday in the mountains or the sea, it is advisable to choose the means to the protection of at least 30 ,. Cream with the same protection is ideal for children after three years, for smaller children should choose a cream with SPF50.

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