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​History of Medical Travel

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The idea of medical travel isn't a fresh one. First time it happened when Greeks traveled to Epidauria over the whole Mediterranean sea. This territory was the sacrarium of the god of health Asklepios. Epidauria became the initial traveling destination for medical travel.

History of Medical Travel

Where most travel medical tourists

Sanitariums and Spa towns might be regarded as an early kind of medical travel. In eighteenth-century England. Patients visited watering facilities because they treated diseases with gout, liver disorders and bronchitis with mineral waters.

Middle-East, Europe, Japan, America, and Canada tourists visit medical tourism destinations every day. Highly-populated, progressively high expectations of their residents, the high cost of medical care or insufficient health care choices locally, and high amount of rich people are the main reasons here. Health tourism is marketted a lot more better in the UK than in the States".

A prediction by Deloitte Consulting printed in August 2008 projected that medical travel originating in the United States could soar by one factor out of 10 during the next decade.


Approximately 750,000 Americans went overseas for healthcare in 2007, and also the report stated that a million plus a half would seek healthcare beyond the United States in 2008. The development in health tourism really has the capability to cost billions of dollars in lost sales to US health care companies.

Medical tourism brings comfort and lets spend less time on healthcare. Countries that run government health care systems tend to be so taxed that it may take substantial time to get non-urgent health care. Canada has established waiting-time standards here, e. g. 26 months to get a total hip arthroplasty and 1-6 weeks for cataract operation.

Medical travel for knee/hip joint replacements has appeared among the more broadly accepted processes due to the lower price and minimal problems connected to the travel to/from the surgical procedure.

Colombia offers a knee-replacement for approximately $5,000 USD, including all related fees, for example approved materials and fee for the room. Yet, lots of practices quote costs which aren't all inclusive and contain just the surgeon fees related to the process.

Most popular destinations turistichesakie

Popular medical travel global destinations include: Lithuania, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Argentina, Brunei, Cuba, Hong-Kong, Hungary, India, Jordan, Colombia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Siam, and recently United Arab Emirates, S. Korea, Tunisia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.

Yet, understandings of health tourism are sometimes not favorable. In areas such as the Northern America, which includes high criteria of quality, health tourism is viewed as uncertain.

Where health-related tourists will decide to find out healthcare in a few sections of the planet, broader political problems can affect.

Health tourism companies have risen as intermediaries to unify possible medical tourists with providing medical facilities and other organizations.

Businesses have started to give global medical care options which will empower North American and European individuals to get into world health care in a chunk of the price of domestic care.

Corporations that are devoted to medical traveling usually supply nurse case managers to aid patients with pre- and post-journey medical problems. Additionally they help supply resources for follow up care up on the ailing patient's return.

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