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​What's Medical Travel?

Medical Travel is where individuals who live in one country go to some other country to get medical, dental and surgical treatment while at once receiving identical to or greater attention than they'd have in their hometown, and therefore are traveling for medical attention as a result of affordability, better accessibility of treatment or a higher amount of treatment quality. "National Medical Tourism" is where individuals who live in a single country go to a different city, area or state to get medical, dental and surgical treatment while at once receiving identical to or greater treatment than they'd have in their hometown, and therefore are traveling for medical attention as a result of affordability, better accessibility to treatment or a higher amount of treatment quality.

What's Medical Travel?

Why are People Traveling Worldwide for Medical Travel?

Patients are touring due to the premium quality of medical care, affordability, accessibility of treatment or better availability.

How Does it Lower the Expenses?

Up to 90%. Please visit the Patient Pricing Page to view a world-wide comparison of surgery operation costs.

Who's the Medical Tourism Association (MTA)?

The Medical Tourism Association additionally known as Medical Travel Association, is the primary membership based international non profit trade association for the medical travel and worldwide health care sector constructed of the very best international hospitals, health care providers, medical travel facilities, insurance providers , along with other associated businesses and members together with the common purpose of encouraging the topmost amount of quality of health care to patients in all international surroundings. Our consortium encourages the interests of its own health care provider and medical-tourism facilitator members.

To find out more about Medical-Tourism Association, click here.

What's a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

A Medical Tourism Facilitator is an unaffiliated firm which helps organize a sick patient's traveling to some other country for medical procedures.

What's Medical Tourism Magazine?

The Medical Tourism Magazine was commenced in 2007. Medical Tourism Magazine is the top bi-monthly business to business and business to consumer health care magazine in the whole world. Medical Tourism Magazine delivers hard-hitting posts composed by the specialists in the medicaltourism sector, discussing issues like Quality of Treatment, the Best Way To Pick a Hospital, Certification problems, How to incorporate Medical Travel right into a medical insurance plan, legal problems and much more.

Medical Tourism Magazine is the sole Medical Tourism/Wellness Tourism Journal in the whole world that delivers a remedy for the healthcare business both online as well as in print.

Medical Tourism Journal teaches the globe about where the greatest centres of health excellence are found.

To find out more in the Medical Tourism Magazine, Click The Link.

What's Health Tourism Magazine?

Health Tourism Journal was started in 2009. Health Tourism Magazine is a bi-monthly online publication, 100% committed to the teaching and raising consciousness of healthcare, health, choice and medical care problems. With our business-to-consumer strategy to the promotion of every issue of our mag, Health Tourism Journal will concentrate on all aspects of well-being and health which might not simply compliment the treatment strategies for patients receiving medical operations, but additionally give you the chance for an advancement of the standard of living for the patients as well as their fellow travellers.

As the "sister" mag to Medical Tourism Magazine, each issue of the Health ourism Magazine will cover themes including integrative, optional, homeopathic and preventative medications jointly with complete health spa and wellness issues. To learn more around the Health Tourism Magazine, Click This Link.

What is Medical Tourism Facilitator Certification?

The Medical Tourism Association has established a "pilot program" for certification of medical tourism facilitators that are involved in the coordination of patient care for patients traveling from one country to another. To find out more to the medical tourism facilitator certification application, please Click The Link.

What Exactly Is Angels Overseas, the MTA's Medical Tourism Documentary?

Angels Overseas is Series of Medical Tourism Patient Documentaries the Medical Tourism Association is working on. To understand more, Just Click Here.

What's a Familiarization Tour?

The aim of a Medical-Tourism Familiarization Tour will be to emphasize on the quality of care inside the particular region. For more detailed information on MTA "Fam" travel, Go Here.

What about Medical Tourism City?

Medical Tourism City, is an on-line social network began by the Medical Tourism Association to assist facilitate an open forum and communication amongst those professionals involved in health tourism and global health care also to facilitate business networking. The social network has already reached over 500 members from more than 40 different countries since it started. Users vary from insurance companie, health insurance agents, medicaltourism facilitators, hospitals, physicians, authorities, consultants and more.

What Medical Tourism Research does the Medical Tourism Association does?

The Medical-Tourism Association(TMark) conducts research through surveys and other way and with its research associates.

How do I get more details on being a part of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA)?

To get more information regarding becoming a part of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), Click The Link 

When and where are MTA Medical Tourism Conferences happen during the year?

The Medical Tourism Association Annual Global Conference and Regional Conference are available here Click Here

How do I sign up for a subscription to the MTA's bi-weekly newsletter?

To subscribe to a publication subscription and upgrades from the MTA, Click The Link

Are there any videos on health tourism which will help me understand medical travel?

Yes, the Medical Tourism has made accessible medical tourism movies on its website. Click Here

Who should Media/Press contact for interviews or medical tourism related facts, research and surveys?

Press and Media should contact us by clicking here: Click Here, or by telephoning the MTA at US 561-791-2000.

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Sentinel Med
My aunt is highly diabetic and has a severe gangrene in one leg. When the doctors in our city refused to touch her case, we started looked for medical options elsewhere and realized the potential of medical travel. We have decided to take her to London, since we found out that the specialist for cases like hers is there.