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​Medical Tourism: A Global Perspective

Why sick to travel to distant lands? Man visit another country, relying on high-quality medical care. He goes to the country where good health care system is formed, where the majority of health services are more accessible.

Medical Tourism: A Global Perspective

Lives Saved

According to experts from the World Health Organization, subject to the further development of medical tourism and the formation of a unified international medicinal area is certainly to be able to prevent the deaths each year of thirty-six million people. It is estimated that ten percent decrease level of deaths from cancer and heart problems. Will also be reduced costs of medical care - for more than ten billion dollars.


Reasons which lead to the fact that there is a flow of people seeking salvation in medicine in the foreign country can be completely different. For example, in the United States, which have the largest scale in the world budget for health and medical powerful system of voluntary insurance, the rising cost of medical services has led to the fact that medicine in this country has become too elitist. It's no secret: in the U.S. there are many leading clinics, but the cost of cure here is that pay the bills, that many Americans can not. This may explain that more than a hundred million American citizens faced with the need for medical assistance contact the country where the medicine is not so expensive.

On the other hand, in the area of the former Soviet Union the main reason for the search help patients abroad of the country can be considered depressing backlog national health system compared to the world's current standards. It is, as the level of training of medical staff and technical equipment for hospitals. For example, the Russian health care system in the World Health Organization was able to take a shameful one hundred and thirtieth place (next door to Honduras). And if you try to compare the mortality rates of cardiovascular problems in the Russian Federation and France (ranked in rating the quality of health WHO first place), will make a difference in the rate seven times.

Medical Market Segmentation

With some degree of conditionality of the international medical tourism market can be divided into three major segments :

  • low-cost
  • high-developments
  • general health tourism.

Low-Cost Segment

This segment is for tourists who are interested in how to get medical care at a relatively low price. On cooperation with the specialized medical centers like tourists in Turkey, India, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and many other countries. In this segment is given an opportunity for the patient from a developed country to buy at cheaper prices standard medical services, not excluding major surgical interventions like surgery on the kidneys, heart and other organs. It is known that India will be treated in an average of four to ten times cheaper than the cost of similar treatment in the United States. Thus, the Indian medicine seems more accessible to patients than the American health care. 

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